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ActiveAdmin plugin for one-to-many / many-to-many / many-to-one associations
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ActiveAdmin Select Many Gem Version

An Active Admin plugin which improves one-to-many / many-to-many / many-to-one associations selection using 2 new inputs: select_many and select_one (jQuery required)

Features for select_many:

  • search box
  • available items on the left, selected items on the right
  • local/remote collections
  • double click to add/remove items
  • sortable (with up/down buttons)
  • key bindings to improve accessibility

Features for select_one:

  • search box
  • selected items on the right
  • remote collections
  • counter of items found
  • can be used as filter
  • key bindings to improve accessibility


(inspired by RailsAdmin associations selector)


  • Add to your Gemfile: gem 'activeadmin_select_many'
  • Execute bundle
  • Add at the end of your ActiveAdmin styles (app/assets/stylesheets/active_admin.scss): @import 'activeadmin/select_many';
  • Add at the end of your ActiveAdmin javascripts (app/assets/javascripts/active_admin.js): //= require activeadmin/select_many
  • Use the input with as: :select_many in Active Admin model conf


  • collection: local collection
  • counter_limit: if results count is greater than or equal to this limit a '+' is shown
  • filter_form: for select_one only, allow to use it as filter
  • include_blank: for select_one only, default true, allow to include a blank value on top
  • member_label: key to use as text for select options
  • placeholder: placeholder string for search box
  • remote_collection: JSON path
  • search_param: parameter to use as search key (ransack format)
  • selected: force value selection (array for select_many, single value for select_one)
  • size: number of rows of both the selects (default: 4)
  • sortable: set to true to enable sortable buttons (default: not set)

Example with select_many

Add to ActiveAdmin model config, in form block.

  • Local collection (no AJAX calls): f.input :sections, as: :select_many
  • Remote collection (using AJAX): f.input :tags, as: :select_many, remote_collection: admin_tags_path( format: :json )
  • Changing search param and text key (default: name): f.input :tags, as: :select_many, remote_collection: admin_tags_path( format: :json ), search_param: 'category_contains', member_label: 'category', placeholder: 'Type something...'
  • Sortable (items position must be saved manually): f.input :tags, as: :select_many, remote_collection: admin_tags_path( format: :json ), sortable: true

Example to update position field:

  after_save :on_after_save
  controller do
    def on_after_save( object )
      if params[:article][:section_ids]
        order = {}
        params[:article][:section_ids].each_with_index { |id, i| order[id.to_i] = i }
        object.sections.each { |item| item.update_column( :position, order[].to_i ) }

Example to enable JSON response on an ActiveAdmin model:

ActiveAdmin.register Tag do
  config.per_page = 30  # to limit served items
  config.sort_order = 'name_asc'
  index download_links: [:json]

Example with select_one

In a form:

f.input :article, as: :select_one, placeholder: 'Search...', remote_collection: admin_articles_path( format: :json ), search_param: 'title_contains', member_label: 'title'

As filter:

filter :article_id_eq, as: :select_one, filter_form: true, placeholder: 'Search...', search_param: 'title_contains', member_label: 'title', remote_collection: '/admin/articles.json'

Do you like it? Star it!

If you use this component just star it. A developer is more motivated to improve a project when there is some interest.

Take a look at other ActiveAdmin components that I made if you are curious.




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