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Notification tool for Cosmos/Tendermint validators, sends alerts when missing pre-commits


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TenderDuty v2

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Tenderduty is a comprehensive monitoring tool for Tendermint chains. Its primary function is to alert a validator if they are missing blocks, and has many other features.

v2 is complete rewrite of the original tenderduty graciously sponsored by the Osmosis Grants Program. This new version adds a web dashboard, prometheus exporter, telegram and discord notifications, multi-chain support, more granular alerting, and more types of alerts.

dashboard screenshot


The documentation is a work-in-progress.

Runtime options:

$ tenderduty -h
Usage of tenderduty:
    	print the an example config.yml and exit
  -f string
    	configuration file to use (default "config.yml")
  -state string
    	file for storing state between restarts (default ".tenderduty-state.json")
  -cc string
    	directory containing additional chain specific configurations (default "chains.d")


Detailed installation info is in the installation doc.

30 second quickstart if you already have Docker installed:

mkdir tenderduty && cd tenderduty
docker run --rm -example-config >config.yml
# edit config.yml and add chains, notification methods etc.
docker run -d --name tenderduty -p "8888:8888" -p "28686:28686" --restart unless-stopped -v $(pwd)/config.yml:/var/lib/tenderduty/config.yml
docker logs -f --tail 20 tenderduty

Split Configuration

For validators with many chains, chain specific configuration may be split into additional files and placed into the directory "chains.d".

This directory can be changed with the -cc option

The user friendly chain label will be taken from the name of the file.

For example:

chains.d/Juno.yml -> Juno
chains.d/Lum Network.yml -> Lum Network

Configuration inside chains.d/Network.yml will be the YAML contents without the chain label.

For example start directly with:

chain_id: demo-1
    valoper_address: demovaloper...


Contributions are welcome, please open pull requests against the 'develop' branch, not main.


Notification tool for Cosmos/Tendermint validators, sends alerts when missing pre-commits