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Standard layout components for designing and building emails
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Theme Examples/Email Mindfulness

Starter Email Template

Standard layout components for designing and building emails

Quickly kick off your email's design with a skeleton layout. The Starter Email Template is a modular email template that acts as a prototype for your own email template. Its simple design focuses on essential layouts and components you would need in an email, with minimal styling for you to build on top of when theming your own template.

The Starter Email Template is an open-source project from Blocks Edit, an email template editor that lets you add editable features around your custom-coded template. It's based on the original starter template that comes with new accounts.

View editable preview in Blocks Edit →

More details/overview page →


  • Mobile-responsive ready code
  • 11 unique stackable sections, some with alternative versions
  • 5 standard layout examples
  • Example themed email
  • Added editable tags to test out content layouts in Blocks Edit


The Starter Email Template is an open-source, community-driven project on GitHub. Help maintain it by submitting bug fixes, pull requests, or enhancements, or by participating in discussions in the issue tracker. And submit your themed templates and emails that you create from the base template.

Build notes

Sections and mobile version

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