Blockchain ID Schema old v3 proposal

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Warning: This document is currently in DRAFT status and therefore may change rapidly and significantly. Do not build production-ready apps based on it yet!


Name Type Properties Description
name object "formatted" the user's name
location object "formatted" the user's location
summary string a short summary of the user
websites list "url"
contact list "type","identifier"
photos list "type","url"
pubkeys list "type","fingerprint","url","value"
payments list "type","identifier"
profiles list "type","username","proofUrl"
connections list "type","username"
statements list "message","signature"
auth object "method", "url"
v string the version number of the specs being used

Identity Verification Proofs

Each social media account that a user specifies must include both a username and a verification proof.

The data is structured like so:

    "type": "twitter",
    "username": "fredwilson",
    "proofUrl": ""



    "name": {
        "formatted": "Ryan Shea"
    "location": {
        "formatted": "New York, NY"
    "summary": "Co-founder of Onename",
    "websites": [
        { "url": "" },
        { "url": "" }
    "contact": [
        { "type": "skype",
          "identifier": "ryaneshea" },
        { "type": "bitmessage",
          "identifier": "BM-2cSqtKVx27J8FZunKqjcsbfKQAhbgWnLdg" },
        { "type": "xmpp",
          "identifier": "" },
        { "type": "email",
          "url": "" },
    "photos": [
        { "type": "headshot",
          "url": "" },
        { "type": "background",
          "url": "" }
    "pubkeys": [
      { "type": "pgp",
        "fingerprint": "DDA1CF3D659064044EC99354429E1A42A93EA312",
        "url": "" },
      { "type": "otr",
        "fingerprint": "756CE84F 90ABDE84 0555F4E2 E0B2ACB1 297F9E65" },
      { "type": "bitcoin",
        "fingerprint": "1FbynFXB1C6jSAQZivucAnzAm9N7GxURYa",
        "value": "083a0518062cc3c5ad48501c60aa06059785449f579a256ed2f1a5e781a109d978e54b20fb43b6e90dc91d8f9898665b969e122df6e1d1e5ce06c790f618a2c4"},
    "payments": [
        { "type": "bitcoin",
          "identifier": "1EEwLZVZMc2EhMf3LXDARbp4mA3qAwhBxu" },
        { "type": "namecoin",
          "identifier": "N4izoiyX9XKapXqsts7bSN7c3Bcgnr9aeo" },
        { "type": "dogecoin",
          "identifier": "DMHjRxrKN48EQZQDmmoghxZPRRZrvDJeVh" },
        { "type": "quarkcoin",
          "identifier": "" },
        { "type": "bitcoin",
          "subtype": "stealth",
          "identifier": "vJmtrr3cRiWJ9dLqov7nDBZKCGDPP88chGfDRmcQ71jiUE2xMh7GqXe7eGVZcLj7SVQiPJAxXvfdAdyD2RW8re8J7pGanvSUk3k3KW" }
    "profiles": [
        { "type": "twitter",
          "username": "ryaneshea",
          "proofUrl": "" },
        { "type": "facebook",
          "username": "ryaneshea",
          "proofUrl": "" },
        { "type": "github",
          "username": "rxl",
          "proofUrl": "" },
        { "type": "linkedin",
          "username": "ryaneshea",
          "proofUrl": "" },
        { "type": "instagram",
          "username": "ryaneshea",
          "proofUrl": "" },
        { "type": "reddit",
          "username": "ryaneshea",
          "proofUrl": "" },
        { "type": "hackernews",
          "username": "rxl",
          "proofUrl": "" },
        { "type": "stackoverflow",
          "username": "/users/1530754/ryan",
          "proofUrl": "" },
        { "type": "angellist",
          "username": "ryanshea",
          "proofUrl": "" },
        { "type": "googleplus",
          "username": "Ryan Shea",
          "proofUrl": "" }
    "connections": [
        { "type": "followee", "username": "albertwenger" },
        { "type": "followee", "username": "fredwilson" },
    "statements": [
        { "message": "I hereby cast my vote for Bitdevs to be held at USV on Tue Dec 16",
          "signature": "HIFDEkiBuJK8MwAJV57L/jLUlTdhwhcIPWCAHJ7Rz58lRTxJfGTKAVxcN6zCtgX4bWlWVEb/qr5oI1AIqVXgUbA=" }
    "auth": {
        "method": "push",
        "url": ""
    "v": "0.3"






A list of a user's websites. A user can establish proof of ownership outside of this schema by placing a file in their website's directory (potentially either the root directory or .well-known directory) that references them as an owner or team member of the organization that runs the site.



A user's photos, including their avatar and cover photo.



A user's payment details for various payment methods, including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. A user may provide proof of ownership by signing a message stating their blockchain handle and including it in their profile.


A user's social network profiles. A user can provide the appropriate usernames or urls, as well as provide proof of ownership of their accounts by referencing posts that only they could have produced (tweets, gists, etc.).




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