The Blockstack iOS library for identity, auth and storage
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Blockstack iOS SDK

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Blockstack is a platform for developing a new, decentralized internet, where users control and manage their own information. Interested developers can create applications for this new internet using the Blockstack platform.

This repository contains:

if you encounter an issue please feel free to log it on this repository.


iOS 11.0+

Getting started

Use the detailed tutorial and to build your first Blockstack iOS application with React. You can also work through two example apps in module (/Example) and (/example-multi-activity)

Adding the SDK to a project

Blockstack is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile and run pod install:

pod 'Blockstack'

Add import Blockstack to the top of any file you wish to invoke the SDK's functionality.


Authenticate users using their Blockstack ID by calling Blockstack.shared.signIn. A web view will pop up to request their credentials and grant access to your app.


Store content to the user's Gaia hub as a file, via the putFile method:

Blockstack.shared.putFile(to: "testFile", text: "Testing 123") {
    publicURL, error in
    // publicURL points to the file in Gaia storage

Retreive files from the user's Gaia hub with the getFile method.

Blockstack.shared.getFile(at: "testFile") {
    response, error in
    print(response as! String) // "Testing 123"


Please see the contribution guidelines.


Please see the license file..