Library for encoding, decoding, and verifying JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) in node.js
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JSON Tokens JS

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node.js library for signing, decoding, and verifying JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) with the ES256K signature scheme (which uses the secp256k elliptic curve). This is currently the only supported signing and verification scheme for this library.


npm install jsontokens

Signing Tokens

import { TokenSigner } from 'jsontokens'

const rawPrivateKey = '278a5de700e29faae8e40e366ec5012b5ec63d36ec77e8a2417154cc1d25383f'
const tokenPayload = {"iat": 1440713414.85}
const token = new TokenSigner('ES256K', rawPrivateKey).sign(tokenPayload)

Creating Unsecured Tokens

import { createUnsecuredToken } from 'jsontokens'

const unsecuredToken = createUnsecuredToken(tokenPayload)

Decoding Tokens

import { decodeToken } = from 'jsontokens'
const tokenData = decodeToken(token)

Verifying Tokens

The TokenVerifier class will validate that a token is correctly signed. It does not perform checks on the claims in the payload (e.g., the exp field)--- checking the expiration field, etc., is left as a requirement for callers.

import { TokenVerifier } from 'jsontokens'
const rawPublicKey = '03fdd57adec3d438ea237fe46b33ee1e016eda6b585c3e27ea66686c2ea5358479'
const verified = new TokenVerifier('ES256K', rawPublicKey).verify(token)

Example Tokens