Transaction and Zonefile Broadcaster Service for Blockstack
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Blockstack Transaction Broadcaster Service

This service buffers up signed NAME_PREORDER and NAME_REGISTRATION Blockstack transactions and zonefiles from the Browser and sends them to the blockchain and Blockstack peer network at the right times.

To install from source:

$ git clone transaction-broadcaster
$ cd transaction-broadcaster
$ npm i
$ npm start

You can install this service as a program with:

$ sudo npm i -g  # or, "sudo npm link"
$ which blockstack-transaction-broadcaster

Installing this service is required if you intend to run integration tests.


This service should not require any advanced configuration. You just run it as-is. It will listen on by default.

You can override configuration settings by creating a file config.json and passing it via the BSK_TRANSACTION_BROADCAST_CONFIG environment variable.

$ cat ./config.json
   "dbLocation": "/var/blockstack/transactions.db",
   "port": 12345
$ BSK_TRANSACTION_BROADCAST_CONFIG=./config.json blockstack-transaction-broadcaster