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This is a monorepo for the projects that the UX team at Blockstack PBC maintains: app, keychain, ui, connect.
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Blockstack UX Team Monorepo

This monorepo contains a few key packages that the User Experience team at Blockstack maintains:

  • app: An application for authenticating into Blockstack apps. Available as a web app and a browser extension.
  • connect: A developer tool for building excellent user experiences in Blockstack apps
  • ui: Blockstack's internal design system and React component library
  • keychain: A library for Blockstack identity management

Development environment setup

The first time you setup a development environment for this repository, follow these steps:

  1. Clone this package.
  2. Run yarn bootstrap to install top-level dependencies
  3. In the command line, run yarn dev which will run two apps:
    • packages/test-app which runs at localhost:3000 and implements an example of connect
    • packages/app which is the auth app, running at localhost:8080

For development instructions of specific packages, see the README in each package folder.

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