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eth_signTypedData- EIP-712 compliant signing

The guide will introduce you to sending and verifying an offline signed message (with a clearly defined and presented data type schema) to a smart contract via the EthVigil API endpoints. The signing method used to demonstrate this example is the currently standardized eth_signTypedData as part of the EIP-712 documentation.

The verification happens on contract and we monitor corresponding events for that in a webhook integration.

Please refer to this doc for a detailed walkthrough and explanation.

How to run this example

Populate settings.json

Rename settings.example.json to settings.json

These are the initial contents of the file:

  "development": {
    "ETHVIGIL_USER_ADDRESS": "0xaddr",
    "ETHVIGIL_API_KEY": "1212-1212-12-12"

Enter the appropriate values for the following keys

  • ETHVIGIL_USER_ADDRESS -- associated with the above private key
  • ETHVIGIL_API_KEY -- a token passed in HTTP request headers to authenticate POST calls. Works with GET calls too.

Hint: If you have ev-cli installed, you can use dumpsettings to recover your EthVigil credentials


pip install -r requirements.txt


Run ngrok

Open another terminal window/tab.

Tunnel it to port 6635 on localhost

./ngrok http 6635

We will need the link to set up webhook integration on the SignatureExtracted event emitted fom the contracts.

ngrok tunnel URL

Deploy the smart contracts

Note down the deployed contract addresses. 0x8e12f01dae5fe7f1122dc42f2cb084f2f9e8aa03 and 0x583e7a6f0de3ecbe8e878878d5ac5c19bc1c807e respectively, for this example, on the Goerli Ethereum Test network.

Setting up the frontend

  • sign_flat.html & sign.js
  • sign_nested.html & sign_nested.js

Arrange these to be served through a server. For this example, we will use the Python 3 module http.server directly from the command line for a quick setup.

python3 -m http.server

Serving HTTP on port 8000 ( ... - - [24/Oct/2019 19:13:16] "GET /sign_flat.html HTTP/1.1" 200 - 

Now the frontend can be accessed through the browser at http://localhost:8000

On further interaction, sign.js or sign_nested.js launches Metamask to generate a 65 byte signed data that is sent to the python script,

Switch Metamask network to Goerli test net

switch metamask to goerli test net

This is necesssary because Metamask places a strict check on the network ID specified in the data message object sent to eth_signTypedData. And all our signed messages are sent to contracts deployed on this specific test network, Goerli.

Configure webhook integration with deployed contracts

Find out the ngrok forwarding URL from the above section

Add the ngrok URL as a webhook integration with a trailing /webhook path, for eg,

webhook integration for EIP 712 contracts via EthVigil

Edit javascript files

Fill in the respective deployed contract addresses for the flat and nested struct examples in sign.js and sign_nested.js. Find the section at the end where the script sends a XHR to the python tornado server running at http://localhost:6635

 var data = JSON.stringify({
    command: 'submitProof',
    // replace the following with the deployed EIP712FlatStruct.sol contract address
    contractAddress: '0x8e12f01dae5fe7f1122dc42f2cb084f2f9e8aa03',
    messageObject: message,
    sigR: signature.r,
    sigS: signature.s,
    sigV: signature.v,
    signer: signer



Putting it all together

Visit either sign_flat.html or sign_nested.html. According to our section on setting up the frontend they will be available at

Sign a flat structured typed message object

Click on the button on the page. It should cause Metamask to pop up a new window. Observe the message object contents and typed schema.

sign flat struct on metamask

Sign and you should see something like this:

Check the python logs

    'command': 'submitProof', 
    'contractAddress': '0x8e12f01dae5fe7f1122dc42f2cb084f2f9e8aa03', 
    'messageObject': {
        'actionType': 'Action7440', 
        'timestamp': 1570112162, 
        'authorizer': 'auth239430'
    'sigR': '0x4f78289d9bf7592a29232169c39501c0bc17e48521a13141a3c7cf1c52da5839', 
    'sigS': '0x75c106680c2ee584b425b7a92be9d72bc23d16e6ef68314e3f9c554720b7eb30', 
    'sigV': 27, 
    'signer': '0x00EAd698A5C3c72D5a28429E9E6D6c076c086997'

{"success": true, "data": [{"txHash": "0x55d33ccf8a8eb1fb485c9db4788b9f5f4c28ff4b3bb4a955afce7fc1772a4433"}]}

This is an actual tx on the goerli testnet. You can verify it on Etherscan explorer

Soon the python script will also receive the event data payload corresponding to the SignatureExtracted event

    'txHash': '0x55d33ccf8a8eb1fb485c9db4788b9f5f4c28ff4b3bb4a955afce7fc1772a4433', 
    'logIndex': 0, 
    'blockNumber': 1521811, 
    'transactionIndex': 1, 
    'contract': '0x8e12f01dae5fe7f1122dc42f2cb084f2f9e8aa03', 
    'event_name': 'SignatureExtracted', 
    'event_data': {
        'action': 'Action7440', 
        'signer': '0x00ead698a5c3c72d5a28429e9e6d6c076c086997'
     'ethvigil_event_id': 152, 
     'ctime': 1571845963

Observe ['event_data']['signer'] is 0x00ead698a5c3c72d5a28429e9e6d6c076c086997

That's the address I used to sign the above typed structured data.

Sign a nested structured typed message object

Visit the sign_nested.html file and follow the similar steps as mentioned above.

Observe how the nested data structure shows up on the signing alert window.

metamask EIP-712 nested structure signing

Check the logs as described above.

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