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Android app starter template
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Android app starter template


  • Clean architecture with 3 layers
    • Data (for models, database, API and preferences)
    • Domain (for business logic)
    • Presentation (for UI logic, with MVVM)
  • Tests
    • Unit tests
    • Application tests
    • Activity tests (with Espresso)
    • Application has a testing flag
  • Dependency injection (with Dagger v2)
  • View injection (with Butterknife)
  • Reactive programming with RxJava 2 and RxAndroid
  • Preconditions
  • Google Design library
  • Android architecture components to share ViewModels during configuration changes
  • Logging (with Timber)
  • Resource defaults
    • styles.xml
    • dimens.xml
    • colors.xml

Getting started

  1. Download this repository and open it on Android Studio
  2. Rename the app package io.bloco.template
  3. On, change the package on the checkTestMode method
  4. On app/build.gradle, change the applicationId to the new app package
  5. On app/build.gradle, update the dependencies Android Studio suggests
  6. On string.xml, set your application name
  7. On colors.xml, set your application primary and secondary colors

And you're ready to start working on your new app.


  • Make sure the method checkTestMode inside AndroidApplication includes a test class that exists

To Do

  • Analytics (Google Analytics and Answers, at least)
  • Crashlytics
  • SharedPreferences helper with RxPreferences
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