Large Scale DDoS Attack on

We are currently experiencing the largest DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack in's history. The attack began around 2AM UTC on Thursday, March 26, and involves a wide combination of attack vectors. These include every vector we've seen in previous attacks as well as some sophisticated new techniques that use the web browsers of unsuspecting, uninvolved people to flood with high levels of traffic. Based on reports we've received, we believe the intent of this attack is to convince us to remove a specific class of content.

We are completely focused on mitigating this attack. Our top priority is making sure is available to all our users while deflecting malicious traffic. Please watch our status site or follow @githubstatus on Twitter for real-time updates.

Navigate branches from your phone

Branches are an essential part of collaborating using GitHub Flow. And it's now easier than ever to browse a repository's branches on your phone.

Using the new dropdown, you can access the recently active branches for a project or browse through all of its branches.


Scheduled Maintenance - Saturday 3/21/2015 @ 12:00 UTC

This Saturday, March 21st, 2015 at 12PM UTC we will be upgrading a large portion of our database infrastructure in order to further ensure a fast and reliable GitHub experience.

To minimize risk to customer data, the site will enter maintenance mode while the upgrade is performed. HTTP, API, and Git access to will be unavailable during this window, which we estimate will last no longer than 15 minutes. During the maintenance we will update our MySQL Server version, as well as move a large portion of our data to an isolated cluster. This will improve scalability and help sustain the growth of our data.

We will update our status page and @githubstatus at the beginning of maintenance and again when the maintenance is completed.

Introducing mobile web notifications

Web notifications on GitHub keep you apprised of the latest activity from the repositories you watch within your browser. With the addition of mobile web notifications, now you can stay up to date from your phone.

If you already use web notifications, you'll see a familiar indicator in the top right of every page whenever you have unread activity.

Mobile notifications

Use the switcher at the top of the page to filter your notifications. By default we show all your unread activity across the repositories you watch, but filtering to a specific repository—or even just the threads you're participating in—is just a couple taps away.

Switch contexts

When you want to skip a notification, you can always mark it as read. Tap the checkmark on the right of individual notifications and they're immediately updated. You can also use the link in each repository group's header to mark multiple notifications as read.

New to web or email notifications on GitHub? Head to your account settings to customize how and where you receive notifications for the repositories you watch.

PDF Viewing

We've been displaying 3D, map, and tabular files for a while now. We're now happy to add PDF documents to the list!

PDF being rendered

Simply browse to a PDF document and we'll render it in your browser like any other file. From presentations to papers, we've got you covered. Many thanks to Mozilla and every contributor to PDF.js. If you have any further questions, check out the help article.

The Game Has Changed

GitHub Game Off III

GitHub's Game Off is back, and this year it's a little different!

The Challenge

Take an existing game or game jam entry on GitHub, fork it and do something awesome with it. You can change the sprites, add a soundtrack, add a new level, port the game to a different platform, or... go plain crazy. Tackle it yourself or team up with some friends. Let your imagination run wild! The theme of the jam is... "the game has changed"!

You're encouraged to use open source libraries, frameworks, graphics, and sounds in your game, but you're free to use any technology you want. The only restriction is that the game should be web-based i.e. playable in a web browser.

We'll feature some of our favorite and most creative entries on the GitHub blog.

Where to start

GitHub is a goldmine of content when it comes to games. Take a look at the following resources to see if there's one you'd be intersted in forking and jamming on:

Please feel free to suggest others on Twitter using the hashtag #ggo15.


  • If you don't already have a GitHub account, sign up for a personal account now - it's free!
  • Be sure to follow @github on Twitter for updates.
  • Once you've found a game repository, fork it to your personal or organization GitHub account and get jamming!
  • Make sure your code is pushed to the default branch of your forked repository before April 13th at 13:37pm PDT!
  • Finally, fill out this short form and tell us about your entry by April 13th at 13:37pm PDT.

Comments / Questions / Help


Students, work on Open Source with GitHub this summer

GitHub has been selected to participate as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code, a program where students receive a stipend to contribute to open source projects.

If you want to work with a GitHubber on an open source project, check out our list of project ideas, featuring opportunities to contribute to the Atom Editor and the Homebrew package manager for OS X. If you have an idea for a project that we haven't suggested yet, browse GitHub's open source projects and open a new issue on the github/gsoc repository to suggest other ideas or ask questions about participating in the program.

Applications can be submitted to the Google Summer of Code website between March 16 and March 27.

Create Pull Requests in GitHub for Windows

Just like our Mac client, you can now use GitHub for Windows to submit pull requests to GitHub or GitHub Enterprise, right from your desktop.

Create a pull request

We didn't forget forks, either! If you fork a repository and then want to contribute changes to the upstream repository, GitHub for Windows will keep track of upstream branches. This means less hassle when you're ready to contribute your changes back.

Upstream branches

Download GitHub for Windows and start sending pull requests now!

OctoTales • Epic Games

We recently caught up with some of our friends at Epic Games in Cary, NC a few weeks ago to talk about the latest developments with Unreal Engine and Unreal Tournament. Since opening up the engine source code on GitHub a year ago, they've released seven major updates that incorporate an array of contributions from the community such as @SRombauts' git plugin and much improved Linux support.

Our latest OctoTale captured some of Epic Games' stories and some of the amazing work that's going on in their passionate vibrant community. We think you'll enjoy it.

And finally, some more exciting news for fans of the Unreal Engine: as of this week, developers can enjoy free access to Unreal Engine 4!

CodeConf is Coming to Music City

This Summer, CodeConf will return for the first time since 2011.


Join us in downtown Nashville on June 25 & 26 for the third installment of the CodeConf series, where the community will come together to continue the conversation around open source, best practices, documentation, and collaboration at a two-day, single-track conference at the beautiful Bell Tower.

Come to CodeConf to hear new talks from thought-provoking speakers, connect with the open source community, and to participate in workshops with expert instructors. Hear all the latest from GitHub and open source project maintainers, and enjoy local food and music with developers from all over the world.

Come with an open mind, leave a better programmer.

Check out the website to sign up for updates, and follow along with @codeconf on Twitter.

The Game Off Returns!

GitHub Game Off III

The GitHub Game Off, our very own game jam is returning next week! We've had some great games submitted in previous years and can't wait to see what you come up with this year.

We'll announce the theme and the details on the blog on March 13th at 9am PDT, so please stay tuned. We may even have a twist in store!

The official Twitter hashtag for the Game Off is #ggo15.

Piratocat Shirt

Gather your Ruby and Perl and get your ship ready to set sail into the Sea Es Es with the new Piratocat Shirt.

Piratocat Shirt

Watch out for that Octokraken!!!

Available in the GitHub Shop

See you at GDC!

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is just a couple of weeks away, and we're giving away 20 expo passes so you can get in on the fun!

In addition to the expo itself, these passes give you access to all the gaming goodness you can handle, including the Game Career Seminar, the Independent Games Festival, and the Game Developers Choice Awards. For more information, please see the GDC passes page.

If you'd like to enter the contest, simply fill out the following short form and tell us about your favorite gamedev-related GitHub repository before Tuesday February 24th 11pm PST. GitHub employees will pick their favorite 20 submissions, and the winners will be contacted via email the following day. All winners will be responsible for their own accommodation and transportation.

GDC Expo Floor

Photo credit: Official GDC, CC BY 2.0

Don't forget to swing by the GitHub booth and say hi if you're there!

The new face of committing in GitHub for Mac

We’ve just redesigned GitHub for Mac’s Changes tab to make it even easier to review lots of changes, and to see what will be shared before clicking Sync:

A long list of changes in GitHub for Mac A long list of unsynced commits in GitHub for Mac

This means that you can focus solely on what’s most important to you: your changes.

We’ve also simplified and improved the process for fixing up a commit you’ve just made. Just click the “Undo” button in the pane that appears:

Recent commit pane with Undo button

And if you don’t want to worry about manually syncing your changes after committing, you can enable “Automatically Sync after Committing” from the Edit menu:

Automatically Sync after Committing in the Edit menu

This is yet another step toward our grand vision for GitHub for Mac, with plenty more to come, so give it a shot! If you already have GitHub for Mac installed, it will update itself to the latest version automatically.

As always, we’d love to know what you think. If you have any comments, questions or bug reports, please let us know.

Announcing: Git Merge Ticket Sales and Speaker Lineup

gitmerge graphic

Git Merge 2015 is heading to Paris April 8-9, and tickets are now on sale! Join us at the beautiful La Gaîté Lyrique for two days of Git festivities.

Tickets are $99 USD, and all proceeds will be donated to the Software Freedom Conservancy. Check out the schedule breakdown below:

April 8th: The Warm Up

On Wednesday, we've lined two options for you to choose from:

If you're looking for some serious skills, sign up for advanced Git training from 11am-3pm. Become a Git expert as you learn from some of the best trainers in the world in a casual workshop setting.

If you're looking for an adventure, join your fellow Git Merge attendees for guided tours of Paris, specially curated for you. Explore and enjoy Parisian food and culture before the conference gets underway.

By invitation only, we will also be holding a Git Contributors Summit on Wednesday for contributors and maintainers of core implementations. Email us at if you're a Git contributor who would like to attend.

April 9th: The Main Event

Registration will open at 9am and the main event kicks off at 10am. We've assembled a group of speakers doing amazing things with Git, like:

  • Junio Hamano, Google
  • Rick Olson, GitHub
  • Angelos Evripiotis, Bloomberg
  • Emma Jane Hogbin Westby, author of Git for Teams
  • John Garcia, Atlassian
  • Dirk Lehmann, SAP
  • Wilhelm Bierbaum, Twitter
  • Edward Thomson, Microsoft

There will also be plenty of opportunities to discuss, learn, and collaborate on the future of Git with everyone in attendance. And of course we'll wrap up the evening with a Git birthday party that you won't want to miss.

We hope you'll join us in Paris to celebrate 10 years of Git and the future of things to come. Check out the full site for more details, and to purchase your ticket.