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generate messages for RD Users in RemoteDesktop Farms
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generate messages for RD Users in RemoteDesktop Farms .SYNOPSIS rdmessager.ps1 .DESCRIPTION send a message to all active users in a remotedesktop farm .PARAMETER rdbroker specify the rdbroker of your rd farm (2012 and above) with the FQDN .PARAMETER messagetitel write down the message titel you want to send .PARAMETER message write down the message you want to send to your users .PARAMETER rdsessionhost OPTIONAL: specify one special RemoteDesktopSessionHost in your deployment (FQDN) if not set, all users on ALL Sessionhosts will be notified .INPUTS none .OUTPUTS none .NOTES Version: 0.1 Author: Alexander Koehler Creation Date: Sunday, July 21st 2019, 8:34:39 pm File: rdsmessenger-0-1.ps1 Copyright (c) 2019 HISTORY: Date By Comments

2019-07-21-10-49-pm AK added function for on rdsessionhost

.EXAMPLE .\rdsmessenger.ps1 -rdbroker -messagetitel "admin message" -message "new message for all users from it koehler blog" [-rdsessionhost ""]

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