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PuppetConf Drinkup (San Francisco)

PuppetConf is in town and we’ve got @jnewland, @rodjek, and myself in attendance. There are some great talks this year, and you can even stream many of them for free (including presentations about Puppet at GitHub and The Setup). To celebrate, we’re throwing a drinkup with the rest of the GitHub crew this Friday at a local spot near and dear to our hearts: Zeke’s!



Friday, September 28th at 8:30 PM


600 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA, 94107

Helsinki Drinkup

We are in Helsinki for Frozen Rails this week and since we enjoy this city so much we wanted to have another drinkup before the year ended. So come join @danishkhan and @demonbane at Molly Malone's for some 🍻 on us.

Molly Malone's

Important Things

Map to Molly's

Nashville Drinkup

Are you in town for the Ruby Hoedown? A Nashville techie wanting to meet up with local colleagues? Or feeling the need to geek out and talk shop with friends, old and new? Whatever the case, join @rick, @ymendel, @skalnik, @shayfrendt, @wfarr, @bkeepers and me, and let's make it happen. As always, drinks are on us. All you have to do is bring yourself and something to chat about. 🍻


Thursday, September 20th at 7pm.


Broadway Brewhouse (Midtown)

Drinkup in Ljubljana, Slovenia


OpenBlend is happening, and when @ben speaks at conferences, he likes to spread joy and cheer. Let GitHub buy you some 🍺, 🍸, 🍹, or 🍷, and geek out about what you're geeky about with all the other geeks.


Wednesday, September 19 at 7:00 PM.


Pri Zelenem Zajcu.

Photo of Pri Zelenem Zajcu

Map to Pri Zelenem Zajcu

South Bend Drinkup


Join the midwest contingent of GitHub for a pint or two in the hometown of @jonmagic, @jnunemaker, and @orderedlist. Come wax philosophic on the importance of software development, version control, and a nice glass of scotch at the best Irish pub this side of the Atlantic. Drinks are on us.


Tuesday, September 18th at 8:00pm


Fiddler's Hearth at 127 North Main Street, South Bend, IN 46601

Map to Fiddler's Hearth

Oslo Drinkup #2

Tim Berglund is in Oslo, Norway for his third year of the amazing JavaZone conference. And when he's in Norway, he wants to host drinkups.


The drinkup will return to last year's venue, Cafe Con Bar, just around the corner from the Oslo Spektrum. We will enjoy some 🍺 together as we discuss the finer points of Git, GitHub, and the rather vigorous state of tech in Norway. Mathematicians are right now working on a formal proof that a good time will be had by all, and their work is showing some promise. It's a pretty safe bet that you should come.


Sunday, September 16th at 8:00pm


Cafe Con Bar at Brugata 11, 0186 Oslo, Norway (22 05 02 00)

Cafe Con Bar

Cafe Con Bar Sign

How Awesome?

Last year, the drinkup was this awesome:

2011 Oslo Drinkup Awesomness

SF Drinkup #40

After your week gets Disrupt-ed, it'll be time to unwind and relax. Join us this Thursday at EVE. The drinks are on us!

EVE pic


Thursday, September 13th at 8:00 PM


EVE - 575 Howard Street

575 Howard Street

Atlanta Drinkup

Join @rick and myself for our next drinkup down South this Wednesday at our favorite spot in Atlanta, GA: the Publik Draft House! I'll be speaking at this month's Atlanta Ruby Users Group meeting and then we'll be walking on over to Publik afterwords.

Publik Draft house


Wednesday, September 12th around 8:30 PM


Honolulu Drinkup

Join us for our first ever drinkup (as far as I can tell) in the land of Aloha!
After speaking about Git and GitHub at the Box Jelly at 7:00
we'll walk over to Kanpai Bar and Grill for some drinks on GitHub.


Thursday, September 13th around 8:30 PM


Kanpai Bar and Grill

alt text

Brooklyn Drinkup

NYC has had its share of drinkups, but it's about time Brooklyn had its own. So get your butt on the G train, or take a short walk from the Bedford L, and join @luckiestmonkey, @steveward, and me tomorrow night for drinks and great conversation on GitHub's tab.


Wednesday, September 5th at 8pm.



DjangoCon Drinkup

Djangonauts Unite! Join @bryanveloso and me tonight for drinks and excellent conversation, with GitHub picking up the tab.


Tuesday, September 4th (tonight) at 9pm.


Tortoise & Hare

Drinkup in Courtenay, BC

This has been an epic week of bringing GitHub Training to beautiful Vancouver Island with event after event. We're wrapping it up with a drinkup after the public @CVWebPosse Courtenay talks at @NIC_first.



Ping us to let us know you are joining us. Tweet at @matthewmccull and @cvwebpossee.


August 31st, 2012
8:00pm to 9:30pm


Flying Canoe Pub
1590 Cliffe Avenue
Courtenay, BC

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Madison Drinkup this Thursday

Join us this Thursday for a drinkup at the beautiful Great Dane in downtown Madison for local beer, classic pub food, and great conversation. It will serve as a great way to kick off Madison Ruby, which begins the following day in downtown Madison and is always a great conference.

When: Thursday, August 24th, 8:30PM

Where: Great Dane - 123 E. Doty St, Madison, WI -- we will be downstairs at the Rathskellar

The Dane is one block off the capitol in Madison.

Philly Drinkup

The City of Brotherly Love gets its turn. Join @juliamae and me tomorrow night for great drinks, good times, and excellent oldies, with GitHub picking up the tab.


Wednesday, August 22nd (tomorrow) at 8PM.


Farmers' Cabinet, in Center City.

SF Drinkup #39

All those Pull Requests got you feeling parched? Quench your thirst with us this Thursday at Thirsty Bear! Join us this Thursday evening for drinks, great conversations, and more.

thirsty bear

The Facts:

map to bar