SF Drinkup #39

All those Pull Requests got you feeling parched? Quench your thirst with us this Thursday at Thirsty Bear! Join us this Thursday evening for drinks, great conversations, and more.

thirsty bear

The Facts:

map to bar

New Orleans Drinkup

NOLA, it's hot and we're thirsty. Join @shawndavenport, @rtomayko and I tomorrow night for drinks on GitHub!

The Time

Tuesday, August 7th (yes, tomorrow) at 7PM.

The Place

Capdeville, right next to NOLA Hack Night.

Rio de Janeiro Drinkup

Hot off the heels of tonight's São Paulo drinkup, we're continuing our warpath through Brazil with a drinkup in Rio.

The Facts

Hope to see you tomorrow night... the drinks are on us!

Columbus Drinkup

Now that we have three central Ohio GitHubbers and CocoaConf coming to town, it's time for our first Columbus Drinkup. Please join us this Thursday evening at Brazenhead in Grandview. Drinks are on us!


The Facts

When you arrive, head down to the basement or ask the greeter at the door and they'll point you in the right direction.


São Paulo Drinkup

@newman and I are in São Paulo, Brazil for QCon and your presence is humbly requested at a local bar for fun, entertainment, and general merriment with your fellow area techies.

The Facts

Hope to see you tomorrow night... the drinks are on us!

Berlin Drinkup

To say thank you for being our home away from HQ this summer, we're throwing a drinkup in Berlin. Join residents of the OctoHaus this Friday, July 20th, for drinks on GitHub at Prater Biergarten around 19:30.

Important Things:

Portland Drinkup

There's a decently sized contingent of Hubbers living in Portland these days, and we heard a certain convention was happening. Join us Thursday night for a great time at Dig a Pony, just down the street from the convention center.

Dig a Pony

The Facts


Indianapolis Drinkup

A gaggle of GitHubbers are invading Indianapolis this Wednesday for the indy.js meetup. Come join us afterward for a few drinks at the Bourbon Street Distillery.

Bourbon Street Distillery

The Facts:

map of Bourbon Streed Distillery

Thessaloniki Drinkup

At last, the very first GitHub drinkup in Greece will take place in Thessaloniki. A bunch of GitHubbers are making a pit stop in Thessaloniki on their way to Berlin. Join us!

The Facts:

Durham Drinkup 2: Electric Boogaloo

Join me for a drinkup reprise at Fullsteam Brewery in Durham. I’ll be there all by myself, so come keep me company and have some free drinks!

Hanging out at Fullsteam

The Vitals

Just like last time, Will & Pop’s will be selling delectable sandwiches outside. Hope to see you there!

SF Drinkup #38

It's time for another Drinkup in SF and this month we're headed down to Churchill Bar. Join us this Thursday evening and talk code over some 🍻!


The Facts:

map to bar

Madrid Drinkup

Hey Madrid, we're throwing you your very own drinkup! Vicent and I are in town for Spain.js this week and we're not quite ready to say goodbye. Join us Sunday night, 8 de Julio, at El Chapandaz.

Important Things

Glasgow Drinkup

We're throwing our first ever drinkup in Scotland Glasgow this Monday (July 2nd) at the Arches Cafe Bar. Please join us and meet up with other local developers, designers + techies and enjoy a few drinks on us! 🍺 🍸

GitHub Drinkup Glasgow

The facts:

Sláinte! 🍻

UPDATE 07/04/2012: Here are a few photos from the night:

glasgow drinkup photo 1

glasgow drinkup photo 2

glasgow drinkup photo 3

glasgow drinkup photo 4

Seattle Drinkup

It's been a while since we had a drinkup in Seattle, so we're having one for you and the rest of our awesome users! Join us this Thursday at Linda's Tavern for good drinks, great conversation, and lots of fun.

bar pic

The Facts:


GitHub Drinkup in Boston

The GitHub Enterprise team will be in town for the Enterprise 2.0 Conference this week. We'll be traveling with the Octobooth, so please stop by and say hello.

Please also join us on Wednesday night at Minibar and enjoy a few drinks on us.

GitHub Drinkup Boston Minibar

The facts:

  • Where: Minibar @ 51 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02116 [map]
  • When: Wednesday June 20th from 7pm - 10pm

Hynes Convention Center to MiniBar

UPDATE 06-21-2012: A few photos from the night:

boston drinkup github enterprise 2.0
boston drinkup github enterprise 2.0
boston drinkup github enterprise 2.0