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Sahra Santosha is a GitHubber!

We're excited to welcome Sahra to the sales team as an Account Manager! Sahra will work to develop, manage and grow relationships with our existing customer base of businesses.

Fun Facts:

  • Former jobs as a telephone psychic and doula
  • Practices acro yoga
  • Amazing poodle/bichon mix named Teddy

Sahra in her spare time also roasts her own coffee beans and cures her own bacon.

You can follow Sahra on GitHub.

Welcome Sahra!


Chris Kelly is a GitHubber!

Our marketing and community efforts recently grew in strength and size with the addition of Chris Kelly to our team.

Chris got his start with computers in 1993, learning to write HTML and viewing his work in Lynx. From there he studied philosophy, attempted to modernize the publishing industry, and perhaps most importantly, worked at a company that printed Star Wars and Disney scenes...on window blinds. About the only thing he hasn't done is pioneer one of the 90's most important fashion trends. We'll try to forgive him.


You can follow Chris on GitHub and Twitter.

Welcome, Chris!

Jamie Murai is a GitHubber!

We're excited to announce that Jamie Murai is the newest supportocat!

Jamie will be bringing the power of GitHub support from Waterloo, Ontario. When not answering questions about force push, he's on his snowboard hunting for fresh powder.

Other Jamie Fun Facts:

  • His superpower is Xcode
  • He's a Y Combinator alum where he worked on Couple
  • He lives in constant fear of being sent to the principal's office


You can follow him on GitHub and Twitter.

Welcome Jamie!

Tal Niv is a GitHubber

GitHub is proud to welcome Tal Niv to its misfit Legal team. Tal is our open sourceress, IP wiz, and all-around agitator.

When not fomenting rebellion at work, Tal plays the harp, teaches intellectual property and cyberlaw, and thinks deep thoughts at 4 am. She is a former IDF lieutenant, start-up veteran, a spectacularly sub-par software engineer, and a Tel-Aviv-ian.

Tal prefers prime single origin Konga beans in her sixteen daily cups of coffee, and thinks that coffee filters are for children (and only very young ones, at that).

Welcome, Tal!


Sim Domingo is a GitHubber!

We're super excited to welcome Sim Domingo to the Enterprise support team. He'll be working from Quezon City in the Philippines and focussing on supporting our customers in the Asia Pacific. He may or may not be making use of his extensive experience writing SMS chat applications.

Sim is a connoisseur of bad low budget movies, and believes that The Vineyard may be one of the "best" movies ever made.

Follow Sim on GitHub and Twitter.

Daisuke Don Horie is a GitHubber!

Dice joins us from Tokyo, Japan!

He grew up in Seattle during flannel times and has automatically leveled up GitHub's knowledge of Studio Ghibli trivia.

Dice has been both a produce and product manager, and he's had a variety of tech-world adventures, including support, marketing, and development. He loves helping people explore Japan and though he can take many forms, he will now be helping you explore GitHub.

You can follow him on GitHub and Twitter!

David Ginsburg is a GitHubber!

We're pleased to announce David Ginsburg is a GitHubber! David joins the Sales team as a Technical Account Manager. David's experience as a software developer will help our customers use GitHub successfully.

David Ginsburg

When David isn't hiking the hills of GitHub HQ, he loves cycling, doodling weird faces, juggling up to three balls at one time, sea cucumbers, and free-form dancing his heart out.

You can follow David on Twitter and GitHub.

Joe Wadcan is a GitHubber

We're excited to welcome Joe Wadcan to the Sales team! Joe is joining us as a Technical Account Manager, and he'll be here to help answer all of your GitHub questions.

Joe Wadcan brews better beer

While Joe does enjoy brewing the best beer around these parts, he prefers to spend time kayaking and kicking sharks in the face. Seriously, he kicked a shark. If you're in San Francisco, you'll probably see Joe jogging around the Dogpatch or grabbing a brew at some local dive bars.

You can follow Joe on GitHub and Twitter.

Devin Reams is a GitHubber

We're excited to welcome Devin Reams to the GitHub family! Devin has joined the Sales team as a Technical Account Manager where he'll be helping our customers make the most of GitHub.

Devin Reams brews beer

When he's not growing a beautiful, fiery beard, you'll find Devin brewing all sorts of delicious beer. You may also spot him skiing the slopes of Colorado or jogging around his hometown of Denver.

You can follow Devin on GitHub, Twitter and his blog.

Emily Nakashima is a GitHubber

GitHub is delighted to welcome Emily Nakashima to the front-end team!

Emily loves all things web perf, css, ui & javascript. She speaks at conferences, meetups, grocery stores, and parking lots about client-side monitoring, javascript optimization, and page responsiveness, and we look forward to Emily deep diving into front end performance at GitHub.

In her free time Emily camps in Desolation Wilderness, canoes down the Russian River, and volunteers with RailsBridge! Her superpower is knowing all the awesome brunch places in Oakland. Follow her on GitHub and Twitter!

Emily Nakashima

Easel is a GitHubber

We're super excited to announce that GitHub has acquired Easel.


Matt Colyer and Ben Ogle started Easel because they weren’t satisfied with the workflow of designing for the web and believe that iterating on design should be straightforward and free of repetitive work. We could not agree more.

We're elated to now have Matt and Ben on the GitHub team!

For more on Easel, see the Easel blog post.

Dirkjan Bussink is a GitHubber

We're thrilled to welcome Dirkjan Bussink to the GitHub Systems team.

He'll be working on GitHub performance — building tools that bring visibility to slowness, speeding up everything from Ruby to MySQL, and eliminating inefficiencies wherever he finds them.

You might have seen Dirkjan's work on Rubinius, where he's the #2 contributor of all time. We'll be sure to put his impressive knowledge — ranging from high-level Rails code to low-level concurrency problems — to good use.

Dirkjan joins us from Enschede in the Netherlands. You can follow him on GitHub and Twitter as @dbussink.

Colin Seymour is a GitHubber!

Just in time for the new year, Colin joins us to boost the size of the Enterprise Support Team present in Europe. When not answering support requests or tending to his homebrew (not this kind), Colin may be seen running throughout the UK - with or without shoes.

Colin Seymour

You can follow Colin on GitHub and Twitter as @lildude, if you can keep up...

Amy Palamountain is a GitHubber

We're excited that Amy Palamountain has joined GitHub, to level up our Windows team!

Amy is based in Wellington, New Zealand, where she may or may not have made a cameo in the Lord of The Rings series. When not skiing through GitHub HQ and crashing into code, she enjoys hitting the slopes, sampling fine whiskies and beer, and engaging in all the shenanigans.

You can follow her on GitHub and Twitter.

James White is a GitHubber

The GitHub Security Team has received an end of year gift in the form of a security operations engineer by the name of James White. James joins the team to help ensure our ever growing number of systems and networks stay secure.

Hailing from Nashville, TN, James enjoys powerlifting weights when not lifting other GitHubbers.

We're excited to welcome James to the family, and if you would like, please say hello to James on Twitter and here on GitHub.

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