The Dodgeball Tournament Returns!

The GitHub Charity Dodgeball tournament is back, and better than ever.

dodgeball winners


Where? SoMa Recreaton Center 270 6th Street San Francisco, CA

When? Sunday, March 22, 1:00pm until 6:30pm

  • 1:00 to 1:30 - Sign in and warm up
  • 1:30 to 4:30 - Round Robin Tournament play
  • 4:45 to 6:00 - Single Elimination Round
  • 6:00 to 6:30 - Awards ceremony
  • 7:00 to 10:00 - After-party at GitHub HQ (88 Colin P Kelly Jr. Street, San Francisco).

Why? In 2013, 20 teams joined us to compete on the dodgeball court, all in the name of charity. Heroku prevailed for the second time and brought home the Octotrophy, but the real champions are those who received some of the $58,000 we raised!

We're headed back to SoMa Recreation Center and we're devoted to making this year's tournament the best yet. The buy-in to enter is $3,000, and all funds will be split among the charities.

How? We'll be using the World Dodgeball Society's rules for our 2015 tournament. Teams will need 10 players on court during gameplay, but can have up to 15 members per team to allow for player substitutions. Teams must have at most a 3:1 ratio of men to women.

Who? We will all be playing for four local charities. Donations are managed by Bright Funds.

  • Build BUILD's mission is to use entrepreneurship to excite and propel disengaged, low-income students through high school to college success. In 2002, BUILD became a key player in school districts when it went into local high schools and began offering its entrepreneurship curriculum as a daily, credited class. By working closely with the partner schools and their teachers, BUILD began supplementing students' traditional education with the real-life experience of running their own small businesses.

  • SF Public Library The SF Library system is pretty amazing. Not only are they one mega, open source of information and learning in the sense of lending books, music, etc., but they also have all kinds of others programs to support the community. It is also one of the few places people can go and use computers for free. Finally, it often doubles as safe space for at risk youth and the homeless population.

  • Second Harvest Food Bank Collects and distributes more than 1 million pounds of food throughout the Bay Area EACH WEEK. They are feeding thousands of families, many of which are struggling to pay high local rents, etc.

  • Glide Glide provides many kinds of services to anyone who needs them, from shelter, to healthcare, to overcoming violence.

Sign up here!

Questions? Send them to

New Baby One-Pieces and Kid Tees in the Shop

Young and future coders rejoice! We've just merged a pull request for new baby one-pieces and kid tees.

Kids Shirts

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Octocat Holiday Ornament

For those of us in the United States, many of our families have collected White House holiday ornaments over the years. With the Octocat’s history of celebrating moments, we thought it would be fun to celebrate this holiday season with a limited edition Octocat Holiday Ornament of our own in the GitHub Shop.


This Cyber Monday (December 1), take 25% off the new Octocat Holiday Ornament, Octocat Figurine, and the rest of the GitHub Shop with the code CYBERCAT2014.

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New in the shop: Pinktocat 3.0 shirts

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to help the cause, we’re offering a new shirt in the GitHub Shop.

Pinktocat 3.0

All proceeds from the sales of this shirt will be donated to the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign. Join us in wearing your support.

New in the shop: GitHub Flow shirts


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Sticker packs

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Glencairn glasses

At long last, you can now get your very own Octocat Glencairn glasses* in the GitHub shop!

To make room for new items like this one, we're saying farewell to the Octobiwan mug. The remaining supply will be marked down and sold until September. If there are any Octobiwan mugs left at that time, then we will donate them to charity. If you've been debating grabbing one, now is the time to do it!

* Infinite whisky not included.

Video from Passion Projects Talk #9 with Melissa Severini

Melissa Severini joined us in December of 2013 for the 9th installment of our Passion Projects talk series. Her talk explored the dynamics of managing humans in a startup environment and prepared us with tips for handling any emergency. Check out the full video of her talk and our panel discussion below.

Photos from the event

Thanks to everyone who came out for Melissa's talk, including our musical performance for the evening, Mara Hruby.

1506362_1455845864627428_1446930499_o 966490_1455845871294094_297428509_o 1501272_1455845951294086_1340688697_o 1492666_1455846054627409_770123872_o 857501_1455847357960612_862392046_o

1504400_1455846097960738_1466238186_o 1606434_1455846934627321_126472006_o 1496053_1455846551294026_733577178_o

Photos courtesy of our fab photog :sparkles: Mona Brooks :sparkles: of Mona Brooks Photography.

Video from 2013 Dodgeball Tournament

In November of 2013 we hosted our 3rd annual Dodgeball Tournament. With the help of the participating teams we raised money for 4 awesome non-profits. See the action from the tournament in the video below.

If you're interested in joining the next Dodgeball Tournament, send us an email to

Video from Passion Projects Talk #8 with Ligaya Tichy

Ligaya Tichy joined us in November of 2013 for the 8th installment of our Passion Projects talk series. Ligaya's talk inspired us all to give more charitably and left us with a concrete plan of action to get better at giving in 2014. Check out the full video of her talk and our panel discussion below.

Photos from the event

Thanks to everyone who came out for Ligaya's talk and made it a night to remember, including our house band for the evening, Emily Jane White.

passionproj_ligayatichy-3845 passionproj_ligayatichy-3914 passionproj_ligayatichy-4033 passionproj_ligayatichy-4045 passionproj_ligayatichy-4076 passionproj_ligayatichy-3941 passionproj_ligayatichy-4636 passionproj_ligayatichy-4069 passionproj_jenmyers-1761

Photos courtesy of our fab photog :sparkles: Mona Brooks :sparkles: of Mona Brooks Photography.

Video from Passion Projects Talk #6 with Leslie Bradshaw

Leslie Bradshaw joined us in September of 2013 for the sixth installment of our Passion Projects talk series. Leslie dropped some serious RealTalk™ about her career in tech, creating healthy work environments for the people we work with, and how to stay focused in a distraction-fueled industry. Check out the full video of her talk and our panel discussion below.

Photos from the event

Thank you to everyone who came out for Leslie's talk and made it an awesome night!

1 pp_lesliebradshaw-0097 3 2 8 7 6 11 12 14 13 1 9 10

Photos courtesy of our fab photog :sparkles: Mona Brooks :sparkles: of Mona Brooks Photography.

GitHub Game Off II Winners

We announced our second annual game jam, the GitHub Game Off II, back in October. Today, we're revealing the winners and giving you the chance to play and fork these great games!

All of our winners will receive shiny new iPad Airs, while runners up will enjoy some amazing :octocat: swag!



A 2d puzzle platformer based on the concept of transforming into different "blocks", with their unique properties, and making your way to the end of the level with the provided transformations » view the source · play



Swap is a new take on the classic tile-based puzzle game, where you change which character you're controlling to reach your goal » view the source · play



A turn based strategy game in which four wizards battle to reach the fountain of endless energy » view the source · play

Protocol 390

Protocol 390

To survive in People's Park, you must supply the prophet with change » view the source · play

Heal Em' All

Heal Em' All

Imagine, what if the cure exists? What if the zombie plague can be stopped? Explore old, abandoned graveyards, heal as many zombies as you can, and find your way out. But be careful not to become one of them! » view the source · play

Runners Up



An intense game about the extreme life of supermarket cashiers » view the source · play

Color Quest

Color Quest

An infinite runner following a black and white pixel's quest to change into a color pixel » view the source · play

Room For Change

Room For Change

RfC is a randomly generated action RPG. You play as a chubby archeologist who is tasked with retrieving three sacred artifacts from the pyramid of the legendary Pharaohs » view the source · play

Custom Tetris

Custom Tetris

Play the classic Tetris game the way you like it! Adjust the rules, change the sides » view the source · play

Hyperspace Garbage Collection

Hyperspace Garbage Collection

General Hyperspace Waste Management Solutions » view the source · play



Megaman inspired game » view the source · play



An HTML/JS game where you control a bot, which must sense, plan, and act » view the source · play

Jekyll & Hyde Collide

Jekyll & Hyde Collide

A multi-layered infinite side-scroller » view the source · play



2D musical platformer set in a dark, black & white world that progressively becomes more colorful and happy through successful gameplay » view the source · play

Turkey Cooking Simulator

Turkey Cooking Simulator

Literally, a turkey cooking simulator » view the source · play

Thank you to everyone that took part! Thanks also to our incredible judges Adam Saltsman, Aleissia Laidacker, David Czarnecki, Matt Hackett, Kyros Starr, and Romana Ramzan. :space_invader::purple_heart:

The GitHub Game Off will return in 2014. :metal::godmode::metal:

Passion Projects with Dana McCallum

Kick off the new year right by joining us on Thursday, January 9th for our first Passion Projects talk of 2014 with Dana McCallum.


Dana is a senior engineer at Twitter, co-founder of Lambda Ladies, and a licensed commercial pilot. She was the lead engineer on Twitter's API for two years, helped create Twitter's advertiser API, and now works on social graph infrastructure. As an advocate for women in engineering and the LGBT community Dana has helped create advocacy teams at Twitter and other companies, and served as a delegate on women's issues in India with the U.S. Department of State. You can find Dana on GitHub and Twitter.

About the event:

  • When? Thursday, January 9th from 6:00-9:00pm
  • Where? GitHub HQ, 88 Colin P. Kelly Junior St., San Francisco, CA
  • Space is limited — you must register to attend this event.
  • Food and beverages will be provided, along with a :notes: live musical performance :notes: by Running In The Fog, before and after the talk.

Dodgeball Tournament 2013: After the Action

If you joined us for our third annual dodgeball tournament last Sunday, we thank you and your team, and we hope you had as much fun as we did. It was a great day, and we raised a lot of money for some awesome causes.

Heroku ultimately prevailed and took home their second OctoTrophy! We couldn't host the event without the participation of the community, and we’d like to thank all of the companies and organizations that came out and took some hits for charity: Heroku, Constant Contact, Twilio, Atlassian, New Relic, Pivotal Labs, Thumbtack, Perforce, HRK, Andreessen Horowitz, Goldman Sachs, Go Daddy, Outcast Agency, and Airbnb.

And, if you haven’t gotten a chance yet, take a look at the 4 fantastic non-profits that we chose to support this year: Streetside Stories, Second Harvest, Year Up, and Family House.

Additionally, we owe a huge “thanks!” to the World Dodgeball Society, for serving as incredible referees and just generally being awesome; SportNGIN, whose easy-to-use bracketing system was the backbone of our scheduling and scoring method; Slider Shack, who supplied all-you-can-eat tater tots and mini-burgers to our hungry athletes; and Garden Creamery, who soothed their wounds and their pride with tasty cold treats.

7421-ts-0004 7421-ts-0002 afterparty2 afterparty bowling 7421-ts-0007

GitHub Game Off II

We ran our very first game jam last year and had so much fun, we decided to throw another one!

GitHub Game Off Game Jam

The Challenge

You have the entire month of November to create a web-based game loosely based on the theme "change".

What do we mean by loosely based on "change"? We literally mean, loosely based. Some examples might be a FPS where you throw the loose change in your pockets at the enemy or perhaps a puzzle game where you have to change form to overcome obstacles.

Your game. Your rules. You can participate either as an individual or as a team. You're encouraged to use open source libraries, frameworks, graphics, and sounds in your game.

The Prizes

We're giving away shiny new iPad Airs (16GB models) to our 5 lucky winners. Runners-up will receive a $100 credit for the GitHub Shop, where they can grab some of our :octocat: shirts, hoodies, stickers, and more!

All winners and runners-up will be showcased on our blog.


We have a handful of judges who are eager to play your games!

The Rules

  • To qualify for entry, you must fork the github/game-off-2013 repository to your individual or organization account. Not sure which account type would be best for you? Check out this handy help article, which explains the differences between the two types of accounts.
  • All entries must be web-based, i.e. playable in a browser. HTML5, WebGL, Unity, Torque 3D, Node JS, and Flash are all possible - just be sure the source is made available on your fork.
  • You must be over the age of 13.


  • If you don't already have a GitHub account, sign up for a personal account now - it's free!
  • Fork the github/game-off-2013 repository to your individual account (or to a free organization account).
  • Be sure to follow @github on Twitter for updates.
  • Make sure your code is pushed to the master branch of your forked repository before Dec 1st!
  • Make sure you have a README file that includes a brief description of your game, what open source projects (if any) you used, and a screenshot.
  • Your repository should have a brief description and the playable URL entered into the fields shown below (this will make our judging process easier):


Comments / Questions / Help

  • New to Git, GitHub, and/or version control? Check out our help documentation to get started!
  • Questions about Git/GitHub? Please email and be sure to include 'GitHub Game Off' in the subject.
  • Questions specific to the GitHub Game Off? Please create an issue. This will be the official FAQ.
  • The official Twitter hashtag is #ggo13.