Has my gem built yet?

James Smith wants you to know if your gem has built yet.

It’s open source, too. Thanks James!

Pimp Your Prototype Code

Are you a Prototype coder? If so, you might want your code pimped by the guys behind the framework.

The idea:

I’m an avid reader of the blog of Wil Shipley, a man in the business of writing great apps for OS X. His running code improvment series, Pimp My Code, takes submissions from readers who think their code needs refactoring. Then Shipley refactors them, explaining the whys and hows along the way. The submissions are small (never more than 75-100 lines), but in rewriting them Shipley always happens upon specific, useful programming tips. I don’t know the first thing about Objective-C, but I find the series fascinating and instructive.

So we’re going to do something similar on this blog. Do you have a piece of JavaScript you want refactored? Does it use Prototype?

Check out the article for more information.

GitHub Disaster Guide

It’s true, GitHub goes down. But this is not centralized version control land – GitHub going down does not have to stop you from committing to or deploying your code in a bind.

Our Disaster Guide that outlines some of the ways you can share and utilize your Git repository if something happens to GitHub.

I’ve posted a mirror of the Diaster Guide over at my personal blog: When GitHub Goes Down. This is a static page on a separate server that won’t go down if GitHub is having problems.

(Note that we always recommend pushing to a second remote – GitHub is just a node in the graph. The more nodes, the merrier. If you need help setting up an authenticated SSH server, feel free to ask the list.)

Code Search On Vacation

The Code Search feature will be taking a brief vacation as we try to iron out some kinks with it.

Fork You on the Thunder Show

ZendCon 2008 Pics

Flickr set.

Kindle Winner

GitHub Decimates!

Russell Mull discusses his experience hacking on Cappuccino:

While playing with cappuccino, I thought I’d fix a few bugs. So I made a github account and cloned the full repo. The clone took about a half second. Really. The collaboration model on github just decimates all the commercial systems I’ve used, not to mention cvs and svn. This is what sourceforge always should have been.


PostgreSQL on GitHub

Okay no, they’re not here yet. But the amazing PostgreSQL has a git mirror which can only mean one thing – they need to move to GitHub.

Are you a PostgreSQL developer? Know someone who is? Let them know how awesome GitHub is for open source.

Git Down Speaker #2

rictic will be showing off his code_swarm fork, which you may have seen in this video.

We still need more speakers – if you’ve got anything interesting and Git related, let me know so we can add you to the list!

Update: rtomayko will be speaking about git-sh – what are you speaking about?

Use GitHub as your Blog!

David Baldwin has said goodbye to WordPress and started using GitHub as his blog. Go see for yourself:


I love seeing novel uses of git and GitHub and this one especially caught my interest. Having all your blog posts in one versioned repository with all images and code readily available is a cool idea.

I have a habit of changing my blog URL and software a lot and I’ve lost a great many posts over the years. I’m starting to wonder if a few tweaks and features would make this work even better. What about a blog system that uses GitHub for data storage so that you always know where your data is and that you can take it with you? Or a blog system that sucked in content from a GitHub repo and formatted it nicely so that you could post by simply pushing to a GitHub repo? What other ideas are there that could use GitHub and blogging together?

The Git Down - September 30th!

Join us for the first ever Git Down on Tuesday, September 30th at 7:30pm. Mingle with other Git and GitHub addicts while you drink free beer. Listen to the world famous Scott Chacon present about… something Git related. Take home a t-shirt.

Presentations will be short and sweet. Got something Git related you can show off for 10 minutes? Email chris@logicalawesome.com and we’ll pencil you in.

Special thanks to Serious Business for hosting this first Git Down. See you there!

Git in Haskell

Evan Martin’s gat is Git in Haskell. If you’re interested in Git, Haskell, or both, the code is worth a gander.

GitHub at ZendCon

Catch the whole GitHub crew at the 2008 ZendCon in Santa Clara on September 16th and 17th!

Stop by booth 304 if you’re attending and grab a t-shirt or enter to win a Kindle.

Philadelphia Cohackfest Tomorrow

An intrepid group of Philadelphia hackers will meet tomorrow at Higher Grounds to work on… well, whatever.

From the info-repo:

1. First rule of cohackfest, no client* work
2. Second rule of cohackfest, NO CLIENT* WORK!

*includes day job work

If you’re in the area, stop by.