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Flexible static website framework (not production ready)
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Bloge /blɒgi:/ is a static website framework for PHP.

Bloge focuses on simple and flexible API for building static websites. It's ideal for content-driven (but static) websites like personal blogs, visit cards, galleries, landing pages, and/or documentations.

Bloge gives you complete freedom over your content format, storage, rendering, and much more.

Such limitless, much flexible. wow.


  • Simple and flexible API
  • Compile app to static HTML (or anything else)
  • Content route aliases, maps and ignores
  • Content processing
  • Data mapping
  • Complete freedom of choice: swappable content formats, template engines, compilation methods, website structure. Basically, your limitation is imagination

Basic packs

You also may want to try some basic packs.

You may start with bloge/starter-pack. You can install it via composer somewhere on webserver:

composer create-project bloge/starter-pack

In current directory will be created Bloge starter pack website. Explore its source code and read manual provided by starter pack.

Also checkout the advanced pack that comes with front matter content and Twig templates bloge/advanced-pack:

composer create-project bloge/advanced-pack

Documentation and packs

Documentation and list of packs might be found in wiki.

Logo and License

See LICENSE.txt.

Logo was created by Iryna Ivanova. Thanks to her for such an AWESOME 🔥 bloge logo.

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