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Now with Svbtle Like Menu

You can try it out here like to see how your blog will looks like.

3 mins setup (assuming you are familiar with github, heroku and travis)

1st min: config your own blogist

1.1 fork blogist then clone to local

git clone<github username>/blogist.git
cd blogist

1.2 follow the first step here. and copy your github page [repo url], copy the ❗️ https one, not ssh

1.3 config blogist


then you will get prompt about how to setup your blogist, alternatively you can download my setting and make change to it.

you’ll have to input the following:(* required)

  • github_name*: your github username ❗️IMPORTANT
  • homepage*: your blog url, with “https?:\"
  • ghpage_repo: [repo url] you copy before [❗️IMPORTANT: use https link, not ssh!]
  • author_name: optional, by default your git config
  • blog_title: title of your blog
  • description:description of your blog
  • theme: choose your blog theme, by default flatly, or anythin you like from here
  • branch: default master, or gh-pages if you like.
  • disqus_name: disqus short name
  • google_analytics: google analytics code
  • about_gist: the gist hash of your about page

after you complete the config, a settings.json will be generated. if you want to change the settings later, just modify this file.

alternatively, you may copy my settings.json file change things to yours, and put it in config/. then run `sh`

2nd min: configure travis ci (if you don’t need SEO because gist already does that for you, skip this, you’r DONE!)

2.1 Setup CI

open and find your repo

toggle on ❗️

then go grab a cup of coffee, you’ll see the repo show up in travis when back.

2.2 push to github page

git add config/settings.json
git commit -am "init config"
git push origin master

then wait for the ci pass.

2.3 verify

visit one article like and remove the #, if it’s not 404 page, congrat

3rd min: SEO


feel free posting issues here