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Timestamps set to future, allows front page longer #143

jberger opened this Issue · 4 comments

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It appears that one can somehow manipulate the timestamps on posts, thereby keeping their posts on the front page longer. This shouldn't be possible.

I see that people have commented on the fact that there is no way to scroll back in previous posts, it appears to me that this is a reaction to this. It is possible that some problems are related to time zones, however some clearly are not, being several days in the future.


That's interesting. You should be able to date posts in the future - that's a feature of Movable Type. But the idea is that the post won't appear until that date is reached.

It may be a bug in the templates we're using. I'll investigate further.


I just published my first blog post in years. Didn't seem to appear on But it actually did. It just so happened to be some ways down the page because other people published entries in the future (whether by accident, bug, or on purpose I can't tell). That's really not good. It also means that when I read in the mornings, I'll have to scan the entire page. It's bad.


Looks like it was just one person with posts in the future - Steven Haryanto . He had just posted three posts that are dated after yours.

But I think that Steven is in Japan. So perhaps the post dates are correct from his perspective. I wonder if it's a bug in he way MT handles posts from different timezones.


Indeed sounds likely to be a TZ issue rather than malice!

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