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Account has become "Zombie user account" #187

raiph opened this Issue Feb 19, 2013 · 1 comment

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raiph commented Feb 19, 2013


I set up an account Perl 6 Reports:

It's now refusing to let me usefully log in and is calling the account "zombie user account". If it's easy for you to recover the account for me I'd like to have it back.

(For reasons that are a bit complicated to explain further, but are summarized as "Daily #perl6 summary now built in to irclog software", the title of the last post to the blog back in September, there's currently no reason for me to post updates to that account. If, as I hope, I alter the built in #perl6 summary feature, I will blog again. At least, that was my plan.)

@raiph raiph closed this Jul 1, 2013
raiph commented Jul 1, 2013

It seems this was somehow fixed; I managed to log in in April. So I've closed this issue. (I can't get in again, but for the problem is different.)

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