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your session expired, without preview #222

vsespb opened this Issue · 8 comments

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I've just was tried to post something, and got "your session is expired". I reloaded page - same result. I was logged in. I logged out and re-login. After that posting was successful.

And I did not use "post preview".

my login on forum: vsespb

related: #215


issue looks more like my session indeed was expired, but all site pages showed me as logged-in (and when I clicked my username I saw some error page)


It happened again, here is screenshot of page after I clicked my username.

Fixed again by logout-login.



I've been fighting this same issue today, as well.


Happened to me today (again) too


I've been getting this bug today too. I'm finding it impossible to make a comment on a post. I keep being told that I can't post because my session expired. But, as earlier reported, if I explicitly click the logout button then log in again, then I can post fine.


I also can't comment ("session expired"), but log out and log in doesn't help. Opera & Firefox.
What is going on?


"me too". I opened a link I'd copy pasted from a seperate browser.

I was already logged in on the target browser, and spent less than one minute composing the message.

I hit submit, without preview, and it gave me a "session expired" error.

I copy pasted my content, and hard refreshed the page, and the session expire error persisted.

Manually logging out and manually logging in resolved this issue however.

=> Implies the session expired on the server somewhere, but something somewhere else didn't get the message till I cleared the cookie with a logout.


Same here, I logged in and within a minute, i wrote the content in comment box, then preview and it submit, it says session expired. Same thing when i do after clicking back button worked.

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