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daxim opened this Issue Dec 11, 2009 · 2 comments

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In the screenshot http://www2.pic-upload.de/11.12.09/cuji68t225hx.png pay attention to the elements marked with number 3.

What does this mean exactly? I guess here it means »Search all blog entries by davorg«. If this is true, change it to »Search all blog entries by <a href="http://blogs.perl.org/users/dave_cross/">davorg</a>«

blogs.perl.org member

No. It means ""search this blog". The site is made up of a number of separate blogs. Each user has his or her own blog. So the text "search this blog" is accurate. But it could probably be improved. We'll think about it.


Dave and Daxim, do you think "Search davorg's blog" is more clear? The problem is that usernames are unbounded, so potentially you're going to be dealing with something like "Search Andromache Papakonstantinou-McGillicutty's blog", which would probably do horrible things to the layout.

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