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daxim commented Dec 11, 2009

In the screenshot pay attention to the elements marked with number 5.

If I want to do a search with the built-in site search, I have to first delete the useless crud that is prefilled in the input form element. Remove the crud. Make the element descriptive by associating it with a label instead, see


davorg commented Dec 12, 2009

I don't see this behaviour. When I click in the search box the "useless crud" is removed automatically.

This is standard behaviour for sites all across the web. I don't think we'll change this.

Ovid commented Dec 13, 2009

@davorg: Perhaps the extra text should be added via Javascript? That way, if they don't have Javascript or they use a browser which has an issue with the flavor of Javascript used, they won't see it in the first place. Right now that text is merely a "value" attribute on the input box.


snark commented May 2, 2010

I like Ovid's idea and will look into implementing it.

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