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daxim commented Dec 11, 2009

In the screenshot pay attention to the elements marked with number 6.

Use a 24 hour time stamp by default. Identify the time zone of the time stamp.

Tool tip for the stamp is literally »iso8601«. This is a useless title attribute. Change the markup according to

ap commented Dec 13, 2009

That microformat degrades accessibility by making screen readers read aloud a title tag that is utterly useless to humans.

Do fix the date-/timestamps but please do not use the microformat.


davorg commented Dec 13, 2009

I'm all for switching to a 24-hour time format, but I strongly suspect we'll get a number of complaints from the US where that format is still seen as strange.


davorg commented Dec 14, 2009

The tool tip just saying "iso8601" was a bug. Now it's fixed, the tool tip will be an ISO8601 formatted date, not just a fixed string. But it will only appear on new entries or pages that are explicitly rebuilt.

I'll try to work out a simple way to force a rebuild for every blog - going to need it for other fixes anyway.

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