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Blokada is a Mobile App that helps you block unwanted ads on your mobile phone. We all know how annoying it is to get these unwanted ads. I don't know about your but as for me it angers me alot. That is why with Blokada you don't have to worry about unwanted ads

Features of Blokada.

The main feature of Blokada is blocking ads but what makes blokada different is other amazing things it does while still blocking the ads

  • It saves you time and stress.

  • Blokada saves your mobile data

  • With Blokoda you can whitelist a particular host if you think you like the contents it displays

  • You can also blacklist hosts and stop them from sending unwanted ads forever.

  • Blokada serves as a guardian angel which allows you to surf through web pages without having the fear of being bombarded with these annoying ads.

  • Blokada is easy to use.

  • It consumes very little space.

  • You do not need to root your device before making use of Blokada

  • Your personal data will never be accessed by Blokada

  • Blokada is free to use.

  • Works well with both unrooted and rooted devices. Unrooted as well as rooted devices utilize the VPN API, for consistency and easier support if issues occur

Give Blokada a try today and enjoy surfing the internet without annoying ads.