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Release procedure

update repo links (version code dir, flavors) upload strings_.xml to translations upload from the repo to translations upload .html from the repo to translations (homepage too) download translated strings_.xml in a zip and put it into values-xx download the rest of translation files and put them onto repo

vim app/version.gradle git tag $VER git push origin remote git push --tags make test make clean ./makef all release ass mkdir $BLOKADA_APK/$VER cp app/build/outputs/apk/app-* $BLOKADA_APK/$VER/ cp -r app/build/outputs/mapping* $BLOKADA_APK/$VER/ ls -la $BLOKADA_APK/$VER/ && tree $BLOKADA_APK/$VER/ vim $BLOKADA_APK/$VER/changelog cp $BLOKADA_APK/$VER/changelog $BLOKADA_GITHUB/... add html to that changelog run new release builds on various devices and test upload apk to hosts: github, dropbox update beta channels: apk link, xda-forum/labs, maybe updater trial if all good, update stable channels:, udpater, amazon, aptoide update mapping in analytics social media advertise the new release to the buglist users