This App was developed at the Thurgood Good Marshall College Fund OFC I&E Hackathon May 2016 in Atlanta, GA.
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Oops! (Second Place Team)

Oops is an app meant to help students solve their math problems without directly providing them with the solution to their problem. In most math apps, you can easily enter your problem and receive the steps to solve it along with the answer in a matter of seconds. Although this may seem ideal, nothing is truly being learned from that.

With Oops! students are guided to the correct answer by being told their mistakes and given friendly scenarios to help them figure out the correct answer.

This entire project was completed as a submission for the Thurgood Marshall OFC I & E Hackathon held in Atlanta, GA May 2016.

Current Working Features

Currently, users can log in using their facebook account, enter in a single operator problem (i.e. 4 * 5, 6 / 2), and log back out again.

The Team

This iOS Application was created during the TMCF 2016 OFC Hackathon in Atlanta, GA by the following team members:

Brandon Long - Computer Science & Mathematics - North Carolina A&T State University- Jr

Cortez Campbell - Criminal Justice & Psychology - Coppin State University - Jr

Henry Akaeze - Computer Science & Mathematics - Mississippi V. State University - Jr

Tache Johnson - Computer Science & Mathematics - Cheyney University - Jr

What We Used

This project uses Swift, Facebook API, and CocoaPods.


All teammates were either new to iOS development or coding in general.