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Port of quizbaker to PHP

The original quizbaker was created in classic ASP, using Microsoft SQL Server as a database. This port does not contain all the features yet that you can find in the development branch of quizbaker. See

These are instructions to install the server side parts

Installation Instructions


For this project to work you will need

  • Linux or Windows
  • Apache server
  • MySQL You can use LAMP or WAMPServer


  • Download and install apache, from rpm or download WAMP


  • Download and install mysql, from rpm on linux, on windows it is included in WAMP


  • add a line to your hosts file (\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts or/etc/hosts) as follows

  • quizbaker

  • download all code from this project using a zip file or a clone and copy it under the site.

  • go into the file /DB/config.php and check the settings

  • test the site is up on whatever virtual host or localhost you put it: go to (e.g. http://quizbaker)

create the MySQL database

  • Open The MySQL command line or a tool like PhpMyAdmin or MySQL Workbench.
  • Select the database server
  • download the sql script to create the database (src/DB/createDB.sql)
  • run the script

test a quiz

  • create a quiz using Articulate Quizmaker
  • publish in WEB format
  • copy all files of this quiz to a folder under your site (e.g. a folder named 'quiz')
  • overwrite the quiz.html with the one in the source. You can also use the one in the examples folder
  • test the quiz (goto quiz.html in the browser)