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Rails engine for Bloom Remit

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  • Add gem "bloom_remit" to your Gemfile
  • bundle
  • rake bloom_remit:install:migrations
  • rake db:migrate
  • Add mount BloomRemit::Engine => "/bloom_remit" to your app's routes:
Rails.application.routes.draw do
  mount BloomRemit::Engine => "/bloom_remit"
  # others ...


In an initializer:

BloomRemit.configure do |c|
  c.token = ENV["BLOOM_REMIT_TOKEN"]
  c.secret = ENV["BLOOM_REMIT_SECRET"]
  c.agent_id = ENV["BLOOM_REMIT_AGENT_ID"]
  c.url = ENV["BLOOM_REMIT_URL"]
  # c.sender_id_method = :external_id
  # c.on_txn_response = OnBloomRemitTxnResponse # See Callbacks for more info

Then, to make a txn (see spec/services/bloom_remit/create_txn_spec.rb for more details):

txn = BloomRemit::CreateTxn.(
  recipient: biller,
  sender: user,
  amount: 800.0,
  account_name: "028109090",
  account_id: "Hooli X",

In the configuration, sender_method_id defaults to :bloom_remit_id. This is the method that is called on the sender record on a Txn to find out what the sender's ID is. The value of this column keeps track of the ID of the sender on the Bloom Remit system.


  • on_txn_response - this calls the class set whenever your app gets an update from Bloom Remit. It responds to call, and accepts the txn:
class OnTxnResponse
  def, body_or_params)
    # Do something

Factory Girl

You may require the bloom_remit/factories file if you need access to this gem's factories (easier application development). Requiring this will also require bloom_remit_client/factories


  • Copy .env to .env.local and make it match your credentials
  • Copy spec/dummy/config/database.yml.sample to spec/dummy/config/database.yml
  • If you use docker:
    • docker-compose build
    • docker-compose run test bundle
    • docker-compose run test bundle exec rake db:create db:migrate
    • docker-compose run test bundle exec rspec
  • If you are not using docker:
    • Setup your PG database, and fill in the correct credentials in spec/dummy/config/database.yml
    • From spec/dummy, rake db:migrate db:test:prepare
    • bundle install
    • appraisal install
    • From the root dir of the gem, rspec spec


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.