Mission Statement

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Mission Statement


BDE’s mission is to raise the bar for what should be expected of reusable software. We believe that software ought to be designed, documented, and tested to a superior level of quality, consistent with our organizing principles, and that every user of a software library should be entitled to receive software built to such standards. Our goal is to provide an open-source distribution of such a software library -- to be used, to show how it can be done, and to enlist the help of other like-minded software engineers in advancing a world-class platform suitable for large-scale, industrial software product development.

Where We Fit In

Our BDE library software and supporting tools are intended for practical use by professional software developers in large-scale commercial applications on a variety of popular platforms. BDE is more than an eclectic collection of reusable classes, functions, and templates: All of the software we provide is governed by a common overarching set of organizing principles and design rules that make its various components both programmatically interoperable and also look and feel as if they were designed and rendered by the same person. To the maximum extent practicable, each individual software component must be easy to understand, easy to use, high performance, portable, and reliable. Our software license is deliberately liberal -- intended to make it possible for anyone to use our software freely for any legitimate purpose, including as part of a product for sale. We are committed to the continuous stable extension of this library at the same superior level of quality, enhancing its utility, and thereby the productivity of its users.

Questions, Comments, and Feedback

If you have questions, comments, suggestions for improvement or any other inquiries regarding BDE or this wiki, feel free to open an issue in the issue tracker.

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