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Hippo Domain Creation Plugin

This plugin is used to automatically create simple domain rules for your project dynamically based on configuration options.

For reference, see the page repository authorization and permissions


Make sure to have this repository definition to the main project pom.xml:

  <name>Bloomreach Forge maven 2 repository.</name>

Add this dependency your CMS's pom.xml:


On Hippo 12, be sure your project's application HCM module bootstraps after "hippo-forge":

  name: myhippoproject
  after: [hippo-cms, hippo-forge]
project: myhippoproject
  name: myhippoproject-repository-data-application


  1. Create a new document of type 'authorization'. Its name will be used as prefix to the generated user groups and security domains.
  2. Select if you would like to create: author, editor and/or admin groups.
  3. Select folders which the domain should have access to.
  4. Publish the document and the user groups and security domains will be autocreated.
  5. Create a new user and assign the newly created group to the user.
  6. Login with user and behold result of autocreated domain.

Release notes

23 October 2018 Release 2.0.1

  • In domains, replace hippo:paths with jcr:path
  • Add path-specific domain rules for hippo:request nodes
  • Fix issue with not being able to select 2+ folders in authorization document
  • Use deamon module's session instead of local admin/admin

25 May 2018 Release 2.0.0

  • Upgrade to Hippo CMS 12

26 Sept 2014 Release 1.01.01

  • Initial release for Hippo CMS 11


No documentation site available at for this plugin.