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Retired Project!!!

As of 2017-07-07, this project is retired!
This site is kept online for archiving purposes for the time being.
Due to the lack of a developer community, the codebase was no longer actively maintained
and the integration APIs and usages were outdated too much.
The team therefore had no other choice but to retire this project.

If you are looking for an integration library for SalesForce REST API, please consider the CRISP API as an alternative.

HST SalesForce Integration Components

The SalesForce Integration Components provides POJO based components which enables easy integration with SalesForce via REST API.

So, you can make use of these POJO based components in your application in various ways. For example, you can use those directly in your Java codes, or you can take advantage of components assembly with Spring Framework, Apache Camel, etc.


Documentation is available at

The documentation is generated by this command:

$ mvn clean site:site

The output is in the docs directory; push it and GitHub Pages will serve the site automatically.