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Do bulk operations on a running JCR repository over RMI
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Hippo JCR Runner

The JCR Runner makes it easy to do bulk operations on a running JCR repository. For example you can change values of certain properties of all nodes of a certain type or move nodes from one type to another. The JCR Runner connects over rmi to a running repository.

Writing your own plugin is simple. The only thing you have to do is to extend the AbstractRunnerPlugin and implement the visit(Node) method


See and pom.xml.

Build & run

$ mvn clean compile exec:java

Rerun (faster)

$ mvn -o -q compile exec:java

Create app

$ mvn clean package appassembler:assemble
$ sh target/jcr-runner/bin/jcr-runner


Documentation is available at

The documentation is generated by this command:

$ mvn clean site:site

The output is in the docs directory; push it and GitHub Pages will serve the site automatically.

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