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Localization Shortcut plugin

Localization Shortcut plugin adds a shortcut to the CMS dashboard. It allows the user to change the locale and/or timezone settings within the CMS context. This can be particularly useful when users log into the CMS through an SSO-service (therefore bypassing the login options).


Install the plugin version property in the <properties> section of the main pom.xml.

Set the latest version that has been released for your brX(M) project version.


Install the following dependencies in the <dependencies> section of the cms-dependencies module's pom.xml:



  • Use the CMS Console (/cms/console) to set up this plugin:

  • A dashboard shortcut node (localizationShortcutPlugin) will be installed under /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/cms/cms-dashshortcuts

  • The locales available in the dropdown are the same as the ones that have been defined for your project. They can be altered here: Localization modules

  • To change labels for a locale, find the frontend:pluginconfig child node that corresponds with your locale and alter its properties

  • If no frontend:pluginconfig node is present for your locale, copy an existing one and name it according to your locale. Then alter its properties.

  • A "show.timezones" property has been added to switch between showing or hiding the dropdown for changing the timezone in the plugin dialog.

  • The timezones available in the dropdown are defined as values of multi-valued String property "selectable.timezones". Valid timezone values can be found in the IANA tz database.

  • When no "selectable.timezones" property is present, ALL timezones in the IANA tz database will be listed by default.