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Reset Password Plugin

The Reset Password plugin provides basic reset password functionality.

Documentation (GitHub Pages)

Documentation is available at

You can generate the GitHub pages only from master branch by this command:

$ mvn -Pgithub.pages clean site

The output is in the /docs directory; push it and GitHub Pages will serve the site automatically.

For rendering documentation on non-master branches, use the normal site command so the output will be in the /target and therefore ignored by Git.

mvn clean site:site

Development: email testing

Use essentials plugin for testing:


add mail session JNDI resource to local context.xml, e.g.:

    <Resource name="mail/Session" 
      mail.smtp.port= "2525"  

Download FakeSMTP from:

and run it as:

java -jar fakeSMTP-2.0.jar -s  -p 2525 -a

-> Go to CMS login page.

-> Click on Forgot password, it will take you to the Reset Password page.

-> Enter the username and click on Reset.

-> An email will be sent to the Fake SMTP Server with a link to reset the password.

-> Click on the link, it will take you to the Reset Password page, enter the new password and click on Reset.

-> Go to the CMS Login page and test the new password.