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Use Handlebars or Thymeleaf templates instead of Freemarker
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This is a project to support various view templating technologies other than FreeMarker in Hippo CMS Delivery tier web application.

This project is experimental and being implemented by volunteer members in the community, not part of official products. Therefore please respect the volunteers when asking questions or asking for helps.

For details, please visit the project homepage at

Documentation (Local)

The documentation can generated locally by this command:

$ mvn clean install
$ mvn clean site

The output is in the target/site/ directory by default. You can open target/site/index.html in a browser.

Documentation (GitHub Pages)

Documentation is available at

You can generate the GitHub pages only from master branch by this command:

$ mvn clean install
$ find docs -name "*.html" -exec rm {} \;
$ mvn -Pgithub.pages clean site

The output is in the docs/ directory by default. You can open docs/index.html in a browser.

You can push it and GitHub Pages will be served for the site automatically.

For Users and Contributors

  • Please ask and discuss if you want to collaborate, contribute or review on anything through Hippo Community Forum.
  • If you find an issue, please file a ticket at Set "Component/s" field to "Templating Support".
  • All the contributors are encouraged to fork and create pull requests for any contributions.
  • When submitting a pull request, please make sure to add proper license headers. See existing sources.
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