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<form onsubmit="doParse(); return false;">
- <div class="oz_quiz_notice">
- <p>Like my <a href=''>blog</a> <a href=''>and</a> <a href=''>my</a> <a href=''>other</a> <a href=''>projects</a>? Support these projects and have some fun by <a href=''>checking out Oz Quiz</a>, a 600+ question Australian history &amp; popular culture quiz for the iPhone and iPod Touch I've co-developed.</p>
- </div>
<p class="mast mast_first">This page offers an easy way to visualize a string of JSON text.
Put some JSON into the text area, and this page will instantly display the text as a set of nested boxes,
corresponding to the objects, arrays and values in the JSON string.<br />

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