A very simple PHP Messenger Bot API wrapper for sending messages
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A very simple PHP Messenger Bot API for sending messages.
Based on Telegram Bot API by Eleirbag89.


For the WebHook:

  • An SSL certificate (Facebook API requires this). You can use Cloudflare's Free Flexible SSL which crypts the web traffic from end user to their proxies if you're using CloudFlare DNS.


  • Copy Messenger.php into your server and include it in your new bot script
$facebook = new Messenger($bot_id);

Configuration (WebHook)

Navigate to https://developers.facebook.com/apps/YOUR_APP_ID/messenger/ and add the webhook.


$facebook = new Messenger($bot_id);
$text = $facebook->Text();
$chat_id = $facebook->ChatID();
$message_id = $facebook->EntryID();
$message = "Hello World";
$result = $facebook->sendMessage($chat_id, $message);

See examples.php for the complete example.


For a list of emoticons to use in your bot messages, please refer to the column Bytes of this table: http://apps.timwhitlock.info/emoji/tables/unicode


Q: Can you implement <???> function?

A: I can try. Open a issue and I'll see what I can do.

Q: Your code is awesome. How can I help?

A: Thank you! You can help by codding more features, creating pull requests, or donating using Bitcoin: 1BdL9w4SscX21b2qeiP1ApAFNAYhPj5GgG


Free. Don't forget to star :D and send pull requests. :D

Free Software, Hell Yeah!