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Bloqs: A real estate trading ecosystem

A business network created with Fabric composer that allows trading in partial real estate ownership certificates (Bloqs). Plan is to launch a pilot during the summer (2017) with real real estate, a group of Dutch notaries a real estate fund manager and the Bloqhouse exchange app.

Participants, assets and process flow

  1. Any ("FundManager") can create a fund using the ("CreateFund") transaction.
  2. The ("Notary") appointed during (1) approves the ("Fund") by creating a ("Sign") transaction.
  3. The ("FundManager") can issue new ("Bloq") by creating a ("BloqEmission") transaction
  4. The ("Notary") appointed during (3) approves the emission by creating a ("Sign") transaction.
  5. The ("Bloqholder") appointed during (3) holds all the Bloqs, Bloqs can be transferred to other ("Bloqholder") by creating a ("BloqTransfer") transaction.
  6. A ("Bloqholder") can check it's balance by creating a ("GetHolderBloqcounts") transaction

Note that: Assets can also be created directly without the transaction functions. This technically allows Bloqholders to update Bloqs or create the out-of-thin air. The transfer transaction however checks Bloq validity, only transfers created with the BloqTransfer function will be legally binding.

Entities Process flow

See also What is a Bloq on NotaryNodes.


  • Create update transactions for Fund
  • Turn Fund/properties into a property asset list instead of a string
  • Allow multiple origins for BloqTransfer function
  • onGetHolderBloqcounts bloq validity check
  • Implement funding window
  • Create legal documents that make transactions legally binding and direct CRUDs not legally binding
  • Update permissions file (replace 2 level deep references, they don't seem to work)
  • Check atomicity of all functions (no partial transactions)
  • Change errors thrown such that transactions are not added to transaction registry if an error is thrown
  • Consistent and complete error catching
  • Auto increment id for new transactions
  • Permissioning for adding participants (Notary>Any && Fund manager,App>BloqHolder)
  • Implement cashflows and rent distribution