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How to extract MacVenture ROMs from the executables

  • Install ResourceHacker and HexEditor (HxD).
  • In ResourceHacker, open the exe file.
  • Find the only two resources that are not either JavaScript or images.
  • Extract the IIgs version:
    • The IIgs file is the resource that begins with 2IMG (32 49 4D 47).
    • In the hex text, right-click->select all, and Ctrl-C (copy).
    • Paste in the Hex Editor.
    • In the hex editor, save the file as [gamename].2mg (e.g. Shadowgate.2mg).
    • Move the file to the webventure folder.
  • Extract the Mac version:

    • Locate the resource. It's the other plain hex one.
    • Follow the same steps, but this time save it as [gamename].dsk
  • Have fun :)