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static-handlebars-brunch is a Brunch plugin that facilitates the use of Handlebars as a build-time templating engine. This is useful if you have many "static" pages that need the ability to include partials or other dynamic content at build time.


npm install --save static-handlebars-brunch

This will add it to your package.json file and install the package automatically.

How it works

Any .hbs file found in app/templates will be compiled to .html and copied into app/assets. Brunch will then copy app/assets to public.


A partial is any .hbs file in app/templates that begins with an underscore, for example: app/templates/_header.hbs.

You can use the standard Handlebars partial helper to include partials in a template:

{{> header}}

<p>This is a page!</p>

{{> footer}}

A custom partial helper is available which allows you to pass variables to your partials.

{{partial "header" title="My great page"}}

<p>This is a page!</p>

{{> "footer"}}


Output directory

You can customize the output directory (default: app/assets)

exports.config =
      outputDirectory: 'app/another_directory'

Additional project-specific configuration

You can set the context and configure Handlebars in your project by providing an include file.

exports.config =
      includeFile: 'app/another_directory/include.js'

The file may look like this:

- handlebars -> reference to the handlebars object

- context -> object which represents the context in which the templates will
  be executed

module.exports = (handlebars) ->
  context =
    color: 'blue'

  # make calls on the `handlebars` variable to define additional helpers etc.



This library has a long way to go in terms of configurability and compatability with other workflows. The following are known features which we would like to support. Feel free to send a pull request if you end up implementing any.

  • Support a custom source path (ie. app/templates).
  • Play nicely with handlebars-brunch (ie. figure out how to support both plugins in one app).
  • Support custom extensions (only .hbs is supported now).
  • Cache partials (right now partials are recompiled up every time a file is changed).
  • Write tests


  • Fork this repository
  • Create a feature branch on your fork
  • Recompile the coffeescript: coffee -c -o lib/ src/
  • Make a Pull Request


static-handlebars-brunch is an open source project released under the MIT License. See MIT-LICENSE in the project root for more details.