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Angular HttpClient Blob

This is an example application for using Angular's HttpClient "blob" response type.


First, install dependencies:

$ npm install

Next, run the gulp tasks, then start the Node.js Express server.

$ gulp
$ chmod +x ./dist/bin/www
$ ./dist/bin/www

Then, serve the Angular client using the CLI:

$ ng serve


  1. Create a simple Express Node.js HTTP server.
  2. Mock an image/jpeg image response. This is just hard coded.
  3. Create a simple Angular application to display heros.
  4. Viewing a hero displays the hero's name and associated image. Again, the image is always the same since I hacked this portion.
  5. Show how to retrieve the JPEG image using the HttpClient with the responseType option set to "blob".
  6. Show the image from the blob.


This application is based on a blog post I wrote:

Angular HttpClient Blob

Enjoy! 🎁 🎉