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MEAN App Unplugged

MEAN + Material + Reactive in TypeScript


First, run the gulp tasks, then start the Node.js Express server.

$ gulp
$ chmod +x ./dist/bin/www
$ ./dist/bin/www

Then, serve the Angular client using the CLI:

$ ng serve


Our goals for this series are:

  1. Create a simple CRUD app similar to the Tour of Heros tutorial app for Angular.
  2. Create the REST API using Express written in TypeScript with Mongoose for persisting data to MongoDb.
  3. Use Angular Material and Angular Flex Layout for the UI.
  4. Use Reactive Extensions for JavaScript, specifically, RxJS and ngrx.


This application is based on a quite lengthy tutorial that will take you all the way through the process of building a sample app using Express on Node.js and Angular using TypeScript, RxJS and ngrx.

Complete Tutorial

The tutorial is also broken down into 3 parts:

  1. Build Express + Mongoose REST API
  2. Setup Angular, Angular Material and Flex Layout
  3. Build Angular application using RxJS and ngrx

Enjoy! 🎁 🎉