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An introduction to RxJS
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Introduction to RxJS

This repository provides demonstrations of RxJS. The repository includes the following demos:

  1. src/demos/promise.ts - Using a promise.
  2. src/demos/observable.ts - Creating a simple Observable.
  3. src/demos/subject.ts - Creating a Subject with a late subscription.
  4. src/demos/async-subject.ts - Creating an AsyncSubject.
  5. src/demos/behavior-subject.ts - Creating a BehaviorSubject.
  6. src/demos/replay-subject.ts - Creating a ReplaySubject.
  7. src/demos/observable-unicast.ts - Observables are unicast by default.
  8. src/demos/subject-multicast.ts - We can use a subject to make an observable hot and multicast.
  9. src/demos/observable-cold.ts - Observables are cold by default.
  10. src/demos/observable-hot-1.ts - We can make an observable hot and multicasted by a shared provider.
  11. src/demos/observable-hot-2.ts - We can make an observable hot and multicasted by using the share() operator.


To run the demos you need to first install the dependencies. Run the install command from the root of your working copy:

$ yarn install

Choose a Demo

You can run each demo by uncommenting the appropriate import statement in the src/index.ts file.

View a Demo

To view a demo, run the webpack dev server, via:

$ yarn start:dev

Then browse to http://localhost:8080

The hot vs cold observable demos use Start the server via:

$ yarn start:server

This will create a server listening on port 3000.

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