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remove oblique-ness from *of* for github (it doesn't make obliques th…

…ere, instead it literally shows *of*)
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1 parent b0dabe2 commit a2a265d1521f5a1d3247026bac08cf73ef23c5db @johnmuhl johnmuhl committed May 17, 2008
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@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ Licenses
* **[JSLint][lint]** Copyright 2002 Douglas Crockford
-* **[Dojo Toolkit][dojo]** [BSD License][dbsd] *or* [Academic Free License version 2.1][dafl]
+* **[Dojo Toolkit][dojo]** [BSD License][dbsd] or [Academic Free License version 2.1][dafl]
* **[Rhino][rhino]** [MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0][rmpl] [except where noted][radd]
* **[Dean Edwards Packer][pack]** [LGPL License][lgpl]
* **[Packr][packr]** [MIT License][mit]

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