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B9 Part Switch

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Welcome to the B9PartSwitch wiki!


B9 Part Switch is a Kerbal Space Program plugin which allows parts to switch resources, models, textures, stack nodes, and much more.

Feature Highlights

  • Parts can switch their resources, models, stack nodes, heat tolerance, surface attach position, crash tolerance, and more
  • Mass and cost can be modified
  • Tanks used to switch resources are defined centrally to allow easy modification and minimal setup
  • Configs are designed for easy patching by ModuleManager

How to Use

If you are a KSP player, then presumably you are here because you want to install a mod that requires B9 Part Switch. Please visit the releases page and find the latest version that is for your version of KSP. Do not download versions of B9 Part Switch which are labeled for other versions of KSP. They will probably not work.

If you are a modder, you may want to start at the ModuleB9PartSwitch page, which is the core module for designing switchable parts.

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