Backtrace silencers not working in Autotest #74

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tklenke commented Sep 24, 2012

I have the following in my config/initializers/backtrace_silencers.rb
Rails.backtrace_cleaner.add_silencer { |line| line =~ /jruby-1.7.0.preview2/

If I run Rake Test -- the silencer works as advertised

But under Autotest it does not. I have checked and it appears that $DEBUG is set to false.

Any thoughts?

@ghost ghost assigned blowmage Sep 24, 2012


blowmage commented Sep 24, 2012

I'll investigate.

tklenke commented Sep 24, 2012

Thanks for looking into it.
Dug a bit more and found this gem
Would seem to be more appropriate to be included with minitest-rails?


blowmage commented Oct 1, 2012

I'm more interested in why $DEBUG is false. If that is true then the existing silencer code should be sufficent.

tklenke commented Oct 1, 2012

Well. I am not setting it explicitly. I have run grep -r 'DEBUG' from the root of my project directory to make sure that nothing is setting it. I am running autotest with no options from the command prompt. I have a list of the references to $DEBUG in my .rvm/.../gems directory if that would help, but none of those are setting the variable only referencing it.

I have tried setting it explicitly to true by adding an initializer to my .autotest file. That seems to indicate that the variable is set to true, but I'm still getting the full backtrace. FYI, I am using JRuby. Maybe that is the issue? But again, if I run rake test then the silencers work as advertised.


blowmage commented Apr 24, 2014

Closing because I could never reproduce. If you can reproduce please reopen this issue with the reproduction.

@blowmage blowmage closed this Apr 24, 2014

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