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Aion4j Maven Plugin for AVM based smart contract on Aion
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Current release version: 0.6.4

Aion4j maven plugin provides build and deployment support for AVM based smart contracts.

Following maven goals has been implemented in this plugin :

  1. aion4j:clean - Default phase for this goal is "clean". To clean storage folder in case of embedded AVM deployment.
  2. aion4j:deploy - Deploy the contract / dapp jar to an embedded AVM. This goal needs to invoked explicitely from the command line.
  3. aion4j:call - Call contract method
  4. aion4j:contract-txn
  5. aion4j:init - Default phase for this goal is "initialize". It initializes the project with required AVM dependencies. Currently it copies all required avm jars to a lib folder under project's folder. You can also manually create this lib folder or point to an existing avm lib folder through the plugin's configuration parameter.
  6. aion4j:prepack - Default phase "prepare-package". Copy org-aion-avm-userlib.jar's classes to target folder for packaging with dapp's jar.
  7. aion4j:class-verifier - To verify JCL whiltelist classes in the contract
  8. aion4j:deploy - Extend the deploy goal for remote deployment.
  9. aion4j:postpack - Post process the jar after build. Example: Abi Compile to process @Callable annotation. Default phase "package"

For all the supported goals, check this page.

Quick Start Guide

User Guide


Java 10


$> git clone
  1. Install avm.jar to local .m2 repo for compilation
$> ./mvnw initialize
  1. Compile the plugin
$> ./mvnw clean install
  1. Run integration tests
$>  ./mvnw integration-test -DskipITs=false

How to configure this plugin in a dapp maven project

  1. Define avm lib directory property in "<properties>" section of pom.xml
  1. Add aion4j plugin to "<plugins>" section of pom.xml

"mode" can be local or remote.

  1. Add avm compile time dependencies to "<dependencies>" section.

Note: The above jars will be copies to "avm.lib.dir" using maven initialize (or through aion4j:init goal) if not there.

How to use in a dapp maven project

  1. Copy required avm dependencies.
$>mvn initialize
  1. Build the project
$>mvn clean package
  1. To deploy to an embedded AVM
$>mvn aion4j:deploy
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