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html syntax

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1 parent 5bb2822 commit 7b0536ae56c322507357598e0affd93da6a3e371 @bloy committed
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  1. +38 −0 vim/bundle/mike/after/indent/html.vim
  2. +5 −0 vim/bundle/mike/after/syntax/html.vim
38 vim/bundle/mike/after/indent/html.vim
@@ -0,0 +1,38 @@
+" helper function to assemble tag list
+fun! <SID>HtmlIndentPush(tag)
+ if exists('g:html_indent_tags')
+ let g:html_indent_tags = g:html_indent_tags.'\|'.a:tag
+ else
+ let g:html_indent_tags = a:tag
+ endif
+" New HTML 5 elements
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('article')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('aside')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('audio')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('canvas')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('command')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('datalist')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('details')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('embed')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('figcaption')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('figure')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('footer')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('header')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('hgroup')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('keygen')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('mark')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('meter')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('nav')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('output')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('progress')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('rp')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('rt')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('ruby')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('section')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('source')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('summary')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('time')
+call <SID>HtmlIndentPush('video')
5 vim/bundle/mike/after/syntax/html.vim
@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
+" new html 5 tags
+syn keyword htmlTagName contained article aside audio canvas command datalist
+syn keyword htmlTagName contained details embed figcaption figure footer header
+syn keyword htmlTagName contained hgroup keygen mark meter nav output progress
+syn keyword htmlTagName contained rp rt ruby section source summary time video

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